You're Not Getting Married, So Why The Wedding Pinterest Board?

You're Not Getting Married, So Why The Wedding Pinterest Board?

I'm the first to admit that Pinterest is one of my go-tos when I just need to zone out with hair tips, oatmeal recipes, and DIY art ideas. While initially hesitant to use it, I now think of Pinterest as a place to find inspiration and tricks for making life easier and more organized. It allows users to indulge fantasies too, which is what brings me here today.

Ladies, please stop posting wedding stuff on Pinterest. 

I don't mean those of you who are engaged and planning weddings. For you, I will grant a pass. There are endless options for napkin folds and boutonniere colors, and where is a girl to turn? Pinterest. Sure. Fine. I can scroll right on by.

As for the rest of us? Please don't create a "Someday" board and fill it will taffeta gowns and the new engagement rings of thrice-married celebs. This goes double for those of us in relationships who keep these boards a secret, like Carrie Bradshaws eating-crackers-with-jam-at-the-kitchen-counter secret, single behavior.

pinerst screenshot
Image: Pinterest Screenshot (Pinned from

I'm very wary of being labeled "crazy girlfriend" by my boyfriend, and perhaps I overcompensate for that worry, but I don't think I'm totally off base when I say that if he found out about a secret bridal treasure trove, "insane" might be his first thought. 

At the very least, he might wonder where the hell he was in this decision.

I get it. It's fun to ogle Jessica Biel's pink wedding gown and drool over little tea cakes inscribed with Mr. and Mrs. ______. But keeping wedding dreams a secret,  bringing them up too soon, or driving the point home too hard? That's no good for us, for our dudes, and for our relationships. If you're pinning wedding stuff, you probably want this thing to last, eh?


wedding collage
Image: Nada Rupa via Flickr

If you're not in a relationship, wedding pins = putting the cart before the horse. I'm all for aspirations, but this early planning shouldn't be a solo endeavor (this feeds into my "weddings-do-not-make-a-marriage" beef, but that's beyond the scope here). You can't even begin to make wedding, let alone marriage, decisions as a single woman, so what's the point of this exercise? There are plenty of Chevron walls to be painted and more than enough tutorials on Victoria's Secret waves to keep you busy.


Do you have a Pinterest board for future wedding ideas? What are your thoughts?

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