You Know You're Aging When: Catalog Edition

You Know You're Aging When: Catalog Edition

Whenever I go to my parents' house, I love to look through their catalogs. They have the usual Land's End and Harry and David, but they also have a kitschy wonderland of "someone should invent that" products for seniors. (And I know they are for seniors because the catalog copy for a wrap rack says, "Remember when it was just waxed or foil? Now we have so many different wraps, and here's how to store them compactly." Also, their homepage has a drop-down just for dickies.) I am now getting the Miles Kimball catalog at my house because I made the mistake of ordering an outdoor food tent. I've recently discovered -- to my horror -- that the things I laughed about when I was eighteen now seem not so ridiculous, and I know the things I'm laughing at while 39 will probably seem like a darn tootin' good idea in thirty more years. What do you think of these products?

Clear Plastic Rainhat

plastic rain hat

I've always thought these things were so ridiculous. Then last weekend, I was at a baby shower at my neighbor's house during a thunderstorm. I was ready to go home, but it was still pouring. The 97-year-old family friend looked out the window, whipped out one of these rainbonnets, and strutted out to the car. I got soaked. In another thirty years, I could see myself sneaking this into my purse but only if no one I knew was going to be around or if I were guest starring on Deadliest Catch.


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