Yahoo! Contributor Network - What it's like to be a Content Writer

Yahoo! Contributor Network - What it's like to be a Content Writer

Since last year, I've been looking for employment. I was trying to figure out how to get a daytime job, help to care for my grandmother and pursue my dreams of taking my blog to the next level. I wanted to get better and to learn more about the blogosphere.  I wasn't having any luck outside of my home, so I thought that I might try working from home. 

Well, as we all know that can be incredibly fickle.  That can be something that is incredibly uncertain. But, I must say I was relieved when I looked on and I found out that there were great jobs online that I could do. So, I looked into it and I found one that was perfect. Content Writer.

I looked into Yahoo! and I am now, a Content Writer. And I absolutely love it!!! 

I have learned a lot about content writing and there is a significant difference between blogging and content writing. And I didn't know that. Blogging is far more personal. Content writing is basically creating pieces based upon assignments and work that speaks to you as a writer. 

I have been reading the work of my fellow writers and I am so inspired and moved by their work and their styles of writing. I have learned a great deal from them.

One of the most important things about Content writing, is the delivery. You've got to believe in what you're delivering. You've got write your articles, as if you are a professional. Especially if you're not a professional. I had to learn a different technique of writing for this job. And just to show you what I mean, here are a few things that I've learned.

(1). Don't go into content writing thinking that it's easily mastered!

On one of the main mistakes made, is that you're just going to throw together some facts, type it up and call it a day. Wrong! It takes a steady hand and strong point of view to deliver what is expected of a writer.

(2). Take your time and go through the Yahoo! Contributors.

It is really important to see how articles that are published, are written and constructed. Look at their backgrounds. You'll see a lot of well educated writers, some of which have left office jobs, to work from home. Many of them, are just like bloggers. Some of them are. They had a passion and decided to take a risk  and challenge themselves to be their own bosses. There a lot of talented content writers, just like there are bloggers. 

(3). Don't try to be trendy. 

You want to appeal to the Yahoo! editors as yourself. Not as the person that you think is the most successful. There's a reason why those writers are so successful. It's because they are delivering content in a way and style that no one else can. They are being real, in their delivery and that's what appeals to the editors and to the readers. It's genuine. Just like a blogger, readers want to know who you are, through your words. Even if they don't know you or might not get to meet you. They want to be able to know you, through your content. 

(4). Don't be afraid to take on some of the challenging assignments. 

It can be a scary thing to look on that board and see those assignments, posted. You look through, hoping that something will jump out at you. Sometimes you don't see anything that you want or anything that you've got expertise in. But, don't get discouraged. Look carefully at the requirements of the assignment. If it's something that can be researched, why not give it a whirl? You never know?! You just might a new talent in research and development. Which brings me to the next one. 

(5). Researching can be your best friend. 

Here's the thing. When you're a person like me, that loves to learn and discover, resting on what's in front of you, might not be good enough. I mean, there have been in online classes, when I was provided with the reading material for that assignment, but it wasn't thorough enough for me. I needed more material to work with and so I turned to textbooks on different subjects, that I've aquired through the years. Either at bookstores, the library at book sales or the thrift shop. I can't always rely on a little bit, because I always have more questions. Research your assignments. Ask yourself questions and don't be worried if it takes a little longer to ask them. That just means that you are serious writer, that don't want to deliver anything less than your best.

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