"Writing - My Ultimate Passion"

"Writing - My Ultimate Passion"


The other day, I was browsing a job network site and doing my usual chores. While scrolling down, I noticed an article which had a subject – “WHERE DOING WHAT YOU LIKE GETS YOU.”

I clicked on the article and found it is actually an interview with a woman entrepreneur. I started reading and found it quite interesting. Only after reading this interview, I was so inspired and self motivated that on that particular day, I wrote a blog. Yes it’s true; I wrote my first blog on BLOGHER.COM – “My Life after Marriage.”

And the interview which I read was of none other than the CEO of BLOGHER.COM Ms. Lisa Stone.

Before this, I was not aware about this site where you can share your thoughts with so many alike and diverse people. It’s a great platform to open up your mind and put them in words so easily.

I have realized how beneficial it is to spend time with oneself. And for me, there is no better way to do that but writing…. I write anything whatever I believe in. It can be blogs, articles, feedbacks, comments or discussions. I always try to bring more liveliness, creativity, innovation and flow to my blogs so that anyone who reads them, should not feel disconnected and left out.

            I will try to express my passion in the following lines:

Each day I live, I try to do my part,

I convince myself to let it start.

Writing is what makes me free like a bird,

I cry, laugh and scream as no one has heard.

I want to create a beautiful rainbow of limitless words,

Where creatures of various creeds come and make herds.

Give me a paper, I can write till infinity,

It bestows me a sense of endless divinity.


My experience has taught me an important lesson – “Life is a matter of 3 C’s … CHOICES. CHANCES. CHANGES. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.’’

Therefore, I have chosen to put my heart out through the medium of my articles and blogs. I have taken this chance to bring a change in my Ohhh… so monotonous life!!

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