Writing Greatness and The Green Eyed Monster

Writing Greatness and The Green Eyed Monster

This morning on Twitter (and in BlogHer Chatter) Laine Griffin of The Laine List expressed how happy she was to see so many new bloggy faces coming to the party.

I absolutely agree! Come one, come all...snuggle into that writing chair and let those fingers fly!

While I was contemplating all the new blogs to discover, that will ultimately cause me to do even less of the chores I don't do now, I couldn't help but feel a bit of apprehension for some of our newbies.

I was a newbie once. I launched into a NaBloPoMo, jumping straight into the fire - so much potential for  going up in flames in the most spectacular of ways. I also started exploring other writers posting on BlogHer...Whoa! These people write...like, for reals and shit. They are WAY better/funnier/poignant/poetic/graceful with their prose than me! Their sentences? They are probably grammatically correct even (see how I put 'even' at the end, where it makes the least amount of sense? Yeah, like that)!

Engaging? Sheeeyah...like, oodles more than me. All of it, all of them...just oodles more everything than me!

So, I felt like maybe I shouldn't be writing...anything. And, maybe, I sort of hated them a little bit. But in that way that says, "I think you're fabulous and would love to read more of you, but don't take offense if I hope your computer explodes and you can't afford a new one."  Yes, I realize it was harsh...but I didn't wish THEM bodily harm, just the tools that reflected their brilliance.

Least you think I'm a monster, I am only being honest with my initial feelings. However, my jealousy was (and still is) shallow, because I really cannot hate someone with talent. Nor do I think anyone should. But, for someone who is new to sharing bits o' themselves with all those curious eyeballs reading our posts, it can be difficult to think of ourselves as worthy in the midst of so much...muchness. We question whether we have what it takes.

Well, the answer to that is yes. Yes. You. Do.

It dawned on me that greatness is a wonderful thing and who wouldn't want some of it bestowed upon them? But, we cannot all be great...because then none of us would be great. Know what I mean? The blog-o-sphere needs the stellar writers just as much as it needs those that are not. It needs medium writers, it needs hesitant writers, it...most of all...needs emerging writers. I love to read fabulous writing. But, those fabulous writers are not the boss of all the stories there are to tell - they don't own 'great'. They may have figured out how to use it before some of us, but that's just fine - there is lots of it left for the rest of us.

So, my advice to all the new voices here on BlogHer (or anywhere) is not compare your own brand of greatness to anyone else here. Read and learn, but do not let the green eyed monster of jealousy derail you. What you have to write, what you have to say, IS great in its own way. So, keep on writing and don't forget to share what you've done...BlogHer is a BIG active place and you deserve to be seen!

Write on!


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