Wow! Count Down until BlogHer'14! This newbie is learning some stuff the hard way...

Wow! Count Down until BlogHer'14! This newbie is learning some stuff the hard way...

I signed up for BlogHer quite a while ago, and like so many things in life, the intention and the actions didn't align and here I am seeing that I've done nothing with this exciting opportunity, except sign up for BlogHer '14.

It was really Exciting that it's in Silicon Valley , my home region, this year, which also happens to be about 45 minutes from where I live; that just Screamed - GO, GIRL, GO! So I'm GOING!

Now that I see all the stuff going on in the early morning and late evening, I'm going to be feeling like the kid that has to leave the party early, or sleep in my car if I don't want to miss anything! I really should have gotten a hotel room.  After all the years I spent in Marketing, setting up tradshows, logistics, travel, how could I forget the most important thing?? We'll see what happens; historically, I usually put it out to the universe and get what I need while meeting new people and having an adventure.

In the mean-time, I have been reading the docs on the Official Facebook Page, and have signed up for the Buddy System - although after 4 days I haven't heard anything - and I've checked my spam/junk/trash, so I need to follow-up on that one. The docs on the facebook page have been super helpful - I highly recommend getting familiar with them and "cyber-stalking" all the speakers, and checking out the vendors.

I am a bit nervous, because I'm so new, and I don't have much blogging here behind me, and I've blogged in an unorganized way on other venues/channels, and it's so spread out an unfocused - feeling SOO like Amateur Hour, here. I'm also very nervous because I don't know anyone going - I am an anomaly in my social circle and was unable to convince anyone to be a partner in crime.

I somehow managed not to sign up for Pathfinder day - that's a regret, BIG Time because it looks AWE-SOME! I would have signed up for darn near everything. Although, realistically, I really would have liked to have signed up for either The Path to Business Owner or The Path to Change Agent; alas, I missed that opp for this go; maybe next year!

At least I am now, as of this post, able to say, I have Blogged on BlogHer!

If anyone should accidentally stumble upon (yeah, I know, Different Site!) this and has any good info, or a room to share, give me a yell!

Otherwise, See Ya at the Conference!

Have a great day!



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