New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

 It was a dark, rainy day in May.  My big boys were in school and I spent the morning driving an hour away, picking up a chicken coop and driving an hour back.  It was in that hour back that I realized I forgot the Mother’s Day brunch at my son’s preschool.  I hurried to the school and ate lunch with my son instead.  His teachers assured me that he was okay.  He was just excited about the new chicken coop.  But, I was devastated.  I let my son down.  He was the only one without someone there for him. 
By nature, I have always been a go with the flow, fly by the seat of my pants, “I will remember that” kind of girl.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I don’t “remember that.”  One would think that this incident would have taught me a lesson about scheduling and actually using the calendar on my phone.  But, no. 
Just a couple of weeks ago, I brought the snack for my son’s Christmas party on Tuesday.  The party was on Thursday.  Then, I got to do the walk of shame, back down the hall, with the baby carrots.  I could almost hear the other mothers’ thoughts.  Oh, bless her heart.  She must have thought the party was today.  She must not use a calendar.  (They probably didn’t even notice.)
This is a screen grab of my December calendar. 
Do you notice there is not one tiny dot signifying an event on this calendar?  December!  Perhaps the busiest month of the year and I have not one thing in this calendar. 
The go with the flow worldview worked for me for the first part of my life.  But, now.  I have a husband and three sons.  That’s five schedules.  And, all this loosey goosey, go with the flow is stressful.
As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  Most people break their resolutions.  Let’s face it, most people break their New Year’s Resolutions by February.  So, my goal for 2014 is all about the big S word.  No, not that one.  Although, that’s what I’d like to say when I bring the baby carrots on the wrong day to preschool.  The big S word for 2014 is Scheduling.  It’s taking my phone out of my pocket and using the calendar.  Every.  Day.
What are your goals for 2014?  I would love to hear what you have planned for the New Year!

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