The Worst Easter Cake Ever

The Worst Easter Cake Ever

I couldn’t get a clear photo of this advertisement, because I was laughing so hard. I think this may be the worst Easter cake ever.



I don’t know if you saw this in your Sunday paper or not, but I almost choked! I was looking through the coupon section (I’m very thrifty) and saw a . . . what was it? The title said it was, “As cut as it gets.” I recognized little paws  . . .  and a bump of some kind . . .

Here’s the real photo from the Betty Crocker web site:

1685f4ba-b7a5-41dd-9f8e-6e5069e3a682It’s a “butt.” (Forgive the salty language).

You would have thought the experts at Betty Crocker would have given it an agreeable name, something like, “Bunny Bottom” or “Sweet Cheeks.” But right there on their own web site, it’s called, “Bunny Butt Cake.”

Not “Bundt” cake . . . “Butt” cake.  I guess “Rabbit Rear” got voted down.

Maybe it’s because I live with teenage boys, but if I put this cake on my table, the meal would quickly dissolve to an all new level of nastiness. The boys would laugh so hard, something would come out of one of their noses, my husband would give me the look that says, “Hey . . . you started it by putting an ass on the table.” At which point I would leave the perfectly proper luncheon, full of indignation (no one appreciates all the hard work I do around here!) or in tears (why can’t we just have a lovely family meal like on the Publix commercial?).

3flowersI showed the photo to one son who suggested adding little chocolate chips around the edge of the plate. See what I live with? I know what Martha Stewart felt like among the prisoners.

“Anyone care for dessert?”

“Why Millicent Mae, that’s a, um . . . lovely . . . uh . . .”

“I’ll just have a small piece of  . . .”

And on top of that, there wasn’t even a coupon for the cake mix.

tiny rabbit

I think Mrs. Crocker is off her rocker.

tiny rabbit

What do you think? Will you be baking a Bunny Butt for Easter?

See the rabbit’s instructions at the Betty Crocker web site here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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