Wordpress is shutting down blogs? What???!!!!!!

Wordpress is shutting down blogs? What???!!!!!!

As usual, I get up and go to straight to my computer. I pull my main two blogs, The Pioneer Woman and BlogHer and then my own blog, The V Mirror. I also pull up Facebook. Well today, the electricity went out because the company was working on something. So, now that it's back up, I looked on Facebook.

One of my friends on Facebook, Wendy Ewurum, (by the way you can find her blog, http://www.fabulosityreads.com), stated that Wordpress is shutting down blogs! 

Are you Kidding me? Wordpress is shutting down blogs? What is going on here? What does this do for blogs and businesses? I mean, there are many people that have created blogs and they've turned them into businesses. While there are others like mine, that are just getting started. 

Many people are wondering is only with the free ones. But apparently, there are some blogs that have domains and they've been shut down, too. That's just insane. I just don't know what to say or think. So far, mine has been okay. And I hope that it will stay that way. But, my blog is no different than any other. Especially considering the fact, that it's new. I mean, if blogs that have domains are getting cancelled, then...?

I've only been blogging for a year now, since August 11th of 2013. I've got a lot more to learn and a lot more to do. I really hope that Wordpress thinks about what they are doing. Because, if this is their way of trying to get people to buy domains, it's not well thought out.  It's crazy to think that people put all of this hard work into creating blogs and coming up with unique and innovative and creative posts to hopefully inspire, motivate and teach their readers, and invest in their blogs, only to one day go and try to log into their blogs and they discover, they're been shut down! All of that hard work, to just be stripped away without warning!

It's unfair and wrong. Do any of you have blogs on Wordpress? Have you been experiencing problems? I sincerely hope now. How do you feel about it? In what way, do you think that will effect blogs, businesses and Wordpress?

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