"Women Should" Ad Creates Conversation

"Women Should" Ad Creates Conversation

What happens when an advertisement does more than promote a product or service? In the case of "Women Should" ad by Ogilvy & Mather, it created quite a stir.

 The ad in question was a campaign used by UN Women to illustrate how sexism is global as a result of searching key words on Google.

What has been disturbing are the phrases that surface when one types "women should" or "women shouldn't" on Google searches. Phrases like "women should stay home" or "women shouldn't drive" are just a few that describe the state of gender roles right now. UN Women has used these keywords to show three images of women whose lips were taped with some of the following captions: "women should stay home", "women should be slaves", "women should stay in the kitchen".

Other captions with phrases such as, "women shouldn't have rights", "women shouldn't work" and "women shouldn't vote" further indicate the severity of how women are being portrayed, even now. It is unlikely that any person would not find these phrases disturbing, yet they're still in existence.

The blatant ad and captions made me realize how much still needs to get done, via education and legislation, in order to eliminate sexism in society. That's my view on this, what's yours?


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