Can't a Mom Just Talk on the Phone?

Can't a Mom Just Talk on the Phone?

Talking on the phone is so overrated... at least that's my forced opinion nowadays with three children. Before I had children, I suppose I was a moderate lover of talking on the phone. My time was my own for the most part and my schedule was somewhat flexible.

But let's face it, life with young children is hectic. I also run a business from home, so between business life and family life, every minute of my day is crammed with activity. But the time arises that I need to talk on the phone. Maybe it's business related. Maybe it's to schedule important appointments, like hair coloring.

Sometimes, my family and friends have the wacky idea that they can actually call me on the phone and speak with me. Ha! The minute I reach for the phone and utter a few words, the children who were playing nicely, reading books, and otherwise acting normal, have now become crazed lunatics. My leg is being tugged on, the children pull each other's hair, and general chaos ensues. I'm not sure why exactly this happens with the phone specifically. There are often times when the children are playing and I need to attend to something that does not involve them or my attention on them. I am switching out the laundry. I am doing a quick email check. I am using the bathroom. It's not until the phone in use that they somehow realize I am completely unavailable to them.

Mom Phone
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It's not that I don't love talking to friends and family. It's just so hard and stressful to do with the kids around. But the bigger issue for me is time: My time is so limited with the balance of family and my business. And then the little time I have for myself, I need for me... that might be a shower, a moment of silence at the coffee shop, or other activity. So, I am sometimes remiss to admit it that an email, text, or tweet is sometimes easier, more comforting, and more effective than the traditional phone call. And if you really need to speak to me one-on-one, come by the house.


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