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WOW!  This is exciting!  

Hello out there!  I have been writing about my life as a widow for nearly four years, and this is the first time for me to share on BlogHer!  I just learned about this website and it appears to be the "be all, end all" for women in all stages of their lives.  This "stage" for me is all about where do I go from here?

I'll quickly bring you up to date.

In June of 2010, my husband died in an automobile accident and I was driving the car.  Now, he had been very ill for the previous two years.  As a disaster relief volunteer, he traveled the world helping others.  While in India after the tsunami, he picked up a very weird bacteria that "nested" in his mitral heart valve.  Two open-heart surgeries later, a month at the Mayo Clinic, lots of doctors and medicines, we finally made it back home.  We decided to escape and recoup, ran into an incredible rainstorm, I lost control of the car, it rolled over and my husband died instantly.  He was NOT wearing a seat belt!  I was wearing a seat belt and sustained not the slightest injury.  I had a tiny little cut on the back of my hand and picked at it until I now have a tiny little scar to forever remind me of what happened.  Silly me!

So here I am.  My blog tells the stories of how I have survived since then.  I've learned to do amazing things (for me).  I had a yard sale and sold my home!  I sold a piece of rental property!  I moved 600 miles away!  I sold a cottage and bought another home that was built in 1885, renovated it, and now have sold it!  Stored my personal belongings and unstored my personal belongings.  I've learned to MANAGE MY MONEY!!!!!  That's really something since my history was only as a "spender".  This list goes on and on.  And I'll tell you more about those stories later.  

Right now I'm in a new place.  I've decided I want a man to hold me in his arms again.  I'm lonely for that physical contact.  But how do I find that man, how do I undress in front of that man, how do I actually have "sex" with a man I haven't known for 50+ years?  

These are trying times in the kingdom!  Let me think about this some more and I'll get back to you!  Until then, go find some sunshine!     

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