5 Reasons It's Great for Kids to Grow Up in a Messy House

5 Reasons It's Great for Kids to Grow Up in a Messy House

Garbage Gross Out: Garbage left unattended quickly becomes a scientific teachable moment. Things are biodegrading, spores are everywhere, and if you're lucky, maggots are too. Most people are horrified by even the word maggot, but maggots are really just baby flies, and who doesn't love a baby? I highly recommend Garbage Gross Out as a strength building exercise if you have a teen in your house. Carrying a forty pound sack of reeking, maggot- filled garbage at arm's length all the way to the can outside is amazing for the triceps and abs. In fact, I've starting lifting weights with our garbage and you should see my buns. Thank you, maggots!

5 Reasons It's Great for Kids to Grow Up in a Messy House

Pet Hair Party: If you don't have an animal living in your house right now, run, don't walk, to get one. Not because they're so cuddly and great to have around (everyone knows that already), but because of the pet hair! Do you want your kid to be one of those people who literally can't walk into a house where a cat lives? I have friends like that and since there are more than 60 million cat owners in America, it makes their social life rather challenging. Did you know that people who grow up in houses that have pets (especially dogs) are far less likely to have asthma? So go to a shelter and find the hairiest dog and cat there, adopt them and let them shed over every inch of your house. Sure, your kids will go to school looking like Woolly Mammoths, but they'll be allergy-free woolly Mammoths.

I hope this helps you feel better about whatever state your house is currently in and that you're not scarring your children forever because all your hangers aren't facing the same direction. In fact, you just might be helping them.

And if for some reason all of this doesn't make you feel better about your mess, just watch Hoarders. That show always makes me feel like I'm a neat freak.

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