11 Reasons Why I Love Personal Blogging

11 Reasons Why I Love Personal Blogging

I love blogging

My full-time job involves running a corporate communications blog that provides work-related information to employees around the world, and I enjoy it. But writing a personal blog is a lot more entertaining!

The reasons I enjoy personal blogging are:

1) You get to write about things that interest you.

2) You can be creative in choosing subjects to write about and in picking graphics to go with blog posts.

3) You can express your personal opinions and your personality.

4) You can reveal your sense of humor.

5) You have an opportunity to influence people by what you write.

6) You can reminisce about life’s adventures and good times past, as well as hopes and plans for the future, or write about current events.

7) You always have something interesting to think about in your spare time.

8) You look at life differently.

9) You get “likes” and “follows” and comments from “friends-you-haven’t-met-yet.” Positive feedback makes you feel great!

10) You get to communicate with people around the world. (It blows me away to see stats that show people in foreign countries have  read my blog posts.)

11) You have FUN!

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