Why I Frown at "Made in China" Labels on Clothes

Why I Frown at "Made in China" Labels on Clothes

There's one thing I cannot stand: it's reading a label on clothes that says "Made in China." It's not that I dislike China, its people or its products. I just hate synthetic fabric. I find that many clothes that come with a "Made in China" label are made with something other than cotton, wool, linen or silk.

Just as cut is important when shopping, so is the fabric. I don't want to wear something that is going to make me sweat or that is going to retain odors because the fabric doesn't breathe. I don't want something that is uncomfortable and itchy. But more and more, you go into stores that used to have cotton and you'll see something other than cotton, along with a "Made in China" label. Usually I sigh in relief when I see "Made in Vietnam," "Made in Thailand" and "Made in India," because it's usually a natural fiber listed on the label.  

What are these synthetic fibers? Are they recycled trash? Are they plastic? I just don't get wearing plastic. I especially hate acrylic and polyester. Sure, we need nylons for our legs and spandex to work out. But if there is not a specific purpose, why not wear something more organic - a natural fiber?



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