Why I don't watch my fav TV shows on TV

Why I don't watch my fav TV shows on TV

Sounds like an impossible thing, but I don't watch my favorite televisions shows when they are current.  

Why? Two big reasons:

1. Don't care for commercial breaks

2. Don't like having to wait until the next episode in a season

So what do I do? I wait until a season comes out on DVD. That way I don't have to watch commercials and, if I want to [which I usually do], I can watch all the episodes of a season all in a row as if it were one giant-length movie. So satisfying!

The senior software engineering guy and I don't even subscribe to cable - I can hear y'll now: "Say it isn't so!" We don't because we actually don't spend that much time in front of the 'tube' and having a collection of DVDs and VHS tapes [slowing but surely replacing those old VHS with DVDs] we can watch and rewatch...which we enjoy doing.

Yes, I could watch current episodes of some shows on my iPad...but again you have the commercial interruption factor...even if you wait a month so you can watch three or four episodes in a row. And, not all my fav shows are available online. Plus, gotta admit, I just love the resolution of our big screen TV for watching my shows.

Right now I'm waiting for season 7 of Psych to come out on DVD [although it's hard because Shawn's dad got shot at the end of season 6 and no! don't tell me what happened!...love that show! And season 5 of Castle, season 8 of Bones...I haunt Amazon dot com for release dates and my local Target and Best Buy for deals. I like to collect certain shows and am glad that old television series are being released on DVD...such as:

*Columbo...remember that rumpled detective? Found seasons one and two recently - they're almost 'campy' in style in season one.  There is one episode that was directed by Steven Spielberg even.

*Murder She Wrote - Angela Landsbury as Jessica Fletcher remains one of my favorite female TV detectives. I found a DVD recently that had four 'made-for-tv' Murder She Wrote movies and one of them titled, "The Last Free Man," made me cry.

*Perry Mason - the original...in black and white no less. Love it.

Actually it's kind of good that I can never catch a full episode of The Mentalist on my iPad - I might be tempted to ruin it for myself and not wait for season 5 on DVD!

Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer


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