#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Must-Have: The Going to BlogHer Annual Conference Facebook Group

#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Must-Have: The Going to BlogHer Annual Conference Facebook Group

You just purchased your ticket to #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York City from July 16-18. Now what?

Besides a little bit of actual—and virtual—jumping up and down, you should consider joining the official Going To BlogHer Annual Conference group on Facebook!

The main goals of this group (which we implemented with great success for the first time last year) include forming connections among attendees ahead of the conference, sharing ideas, and providing a supportive environment that’s moderated by BlogHer staff (my name is Melisa, and I’m your hostess!) in which attendees can pose their conference-related questions.

We also share all of the conference-related announcements from BlogHer.com in the group, often before they are shared anywhere else!

What we don’t do? Discuss or share posts about things that aren’t conference-related, to keep the page uncluttered and relevant. The group is closed, meaning you have to be added by an admin (okay, me). We invite people by email from our list of conference registrations, which is updated regularly.

To facilitate connections, we have documents in the “Files” area of the group where attendees can add their blog URL as well as how to find them on all of the major social media platforms.

We have a document for newbies, a document for people seeking roommates, a document for people who want to rideshare from the airport(s), a document called “BlogHer ’15 Attendees by State” and one for international attendees as well!

Need to reserve your hotel room or find that page where you can get some conference blog bling for your sidebar? We’ve even got a document full of handy-dandy links that will save you lots of time. Just open, and click! We’ve got it all just about covered for you: Truly, it couldn’t be easier.

One of the very best things about this group is that the veteran BlogHer attendees are always willing to jump in and reassure our newbies, who are never as alone as they think they are: We have a lot of first-timers in attendance each year, nearly forty percent.

Our veterans are very helpful with answers to questions about wardrobe, what to do in the expo hall, what the parties are like, and so much more.

Attendees who live in the current host city are always helpful, too, about topics like parking, places to grab dinner, and touristy activities should you find yourself with downtime. Of course, as moderator, I’m always there to keep an eye on things and to extend a hand to whomever needs some extra assistance.

As the conference weekend gets closer, activity in the group increases exponentially, and so do the number of practical tips offered. Here’s a complimentary tip for you, just because you’re reading this post: Did you know that a certain BlogHer employee—cough, cough, Executive Editorial Director Julie Ross Godar—got her maxi dress caught in an escalator a couple of years ago? Always hold the bottom edge of your maxi dress or skirt up when riding the escalator! (Thanks for taking one for the team, Julie!)

How to take full advantage of the Official “Going To BlogHer Annual Conference” group:

  1. Add your information to each of the various documents in the group as soon as possible after joining, and follow other attendees who interest you in some way.
  2. Take part in conversations whenever possible so people can get to know you.
  3. For posts you’d like to follow, click on the gray drop-down arrow in the top right corner and select “Turn on notifications” so you don’t miss a thing. For posts under which you’ve commented but don’t want to follow anymore, select "Turn off notifications."
  4. Have fun!
Here’s a completely unsolicited endorsement from new group member (and BlogHer conference veteran) Kizz Robinson, left as a comment on a recent post:

"Wow, being in the Facebook group makes all the difference. Thank you!"

See what I mean? If you’re going to join us at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, you need to be in this group. You can expect an email invitation within a few days of your registration.

If you don’t receive one within a week—or registered long ago but never received one—just email me at melisa.wells@blogher.com so I can get you started on all the fun as soon as possible. See you on Facebook!


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