Who Needs a Dog? Get a Pet Dragon Instead!

Who Needs a Dog? Get a Pet Dragon Instead!

A bearded dragon that is, and well truth is we have three dogs, but I digress. A year ago my parents decided to stop keeping fish in their 100 gallon fish tank and the lugged the dang thing to my house where it fits perfectly in my hallway. I didn’t want to fill it up with fish though; been there done that and was never very successful. We decided to make it a terrarium, and get a reptile. My kids' hearts were set on a chameleon, because who wouldn’t want a crazy reptile that changes color.

Turns out chameleons need a lot of care too. They need a special environment that is kept moist like a rain forest, and their enclosure should be made more of a screen like material than glass. But they are really neat with their buggy eyes and curly tail.

I didn’t want a snake. I am not scared or creeped out by them, but it would be hard to convince my daughter that mice (or heaven forbid rabbits) are food not friends. We could have gotten a turtle, but a family friend had some of those, and the aquarium was always a little stinky. Also, they live forever, and I don’t want a pet to become a family heirloom.

We ended up with a Bearded Dragon. We had been touring reptile shops in the area, and they had a gamut of everything, including an iguana that was more like a dinosaur than a pet. We saw the bearded dragons, and they were so interested in their environment and what was going on with the customers. They even came in different colors. We chose a "citrus" dragon and brought it home.

It’s the coolest little creature, and the kids have so much fun interacting with it. It’s super docile, and we take it out and let it run around. Better yet, the terrarium is easy to maintain, and it’s super easy to feed (no mice!).

We enjoyed that little dragon so much that we purchased another to keep in my son’s room. So there you have it. We are a family with three dogs and two bearded dragons. To find out more about the general care and guide for the dragons, you can check out my blog posts here for Doomagheddon and Falkor.


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