Why Can't Rice Krispies Treats Be NORMAL?

Why Can't Rice Krispies Treats Be NORMAL?

My friend Sean did a great job of writing about food blog trends that should stop -- but he left something out that's really been bothering me lately. Why in the heck do we need designer Rice Krispies treats? Why can't we just eat plain old-fashioned Rice Krispies treats the way God or whoever invented them intended?

I went to the Rice Krispies website and the link to their plain Rice Krispies treat recipe is BROKEN! Then I searched BlogHer for "Rice Krispies Treats" and found dozens of designer recipes and only one -- ONE! -- recipe for the version most of us grew up with, (and that was for a one-serving microwave version.) That's wrong. This is how we lose our history.

I never once heard my mother say, "These Rice Krispies treats would be so much better with a bit of rosemary." My siblings and I never would have said something like that. We barely considered making them with Cocoa Krispies or Fruity Pebbles -- not because we weren't imaginative, but because Rice Kripsies treats are PERFECT in their natural state.

Our lives are complicated enough without having to add multiple ingredients and flavors to a treat that is wonderful all on its own. Our children deserve to find a pan of plain, sticky, yummy Rice Krispies treats on the counter when they get home from school -- and they deserve to hear our stories about Rice Krispies treats when we were kids.

Don't let your kids grow up to believe all Rice Krispies treats have lavender or vanilla beans or caramel or ... anything other than Rice Krispies, butter, and marshmallow. Simple treats -- that's what our kids need and want! If you want to dress them up, because you are an overachiever or something, cut them into cute shapes or add a wee bit of food coloring ... but don't add flavors that just mask the true flavor of a good Rice Krispies treat. Think of the CHILDREN!

On the other hand, if you want to create mutant special Rice Krispies treats, more power to you. I'm not going to eat them, but I'm also not going to stop YOU from eating them, if that's what floats your boat. In fact, I spent my morning searching for designer Rice Krispies treat recipes (getting grouchier about them with every page of search results I surfed), JUST to help you find the perfect treat for your next party or your next 2 a.m. craving.

Go ahead and surf them ... and I promise not to rant about it if you decide to make one of these recipes (and blog about it). I'll just stick to the plain ones, though. Presented without commentary -- add YOUR commentary in the comments, please.

Single Serve Microwave Rice Krispies Treats

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