Why am I doing this anyway

Why am I doing this anyway

Everything I have read about promoting your you tube channel says the most important things are to upload videos on a regular schedule and comment on other people's videos. I upload videos regularly, two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but the commenting I am not as good at.  But, getting subscribers and views had been slow, slow, slow to almost non-existant. I was going to give it my ALL.  I started watching lots of videos and commenting.  Then I realized, I was not having fun.  I felt like I was trying to be in a world where I really didn't fit.  The world of the millennials and youngers.  I started the you tube channel to connect with my peers not with people under 50, under 25 even. Here I was trying to figure out something to say about a video where a young woman is annoying her dog or a young guy is parodying getting lost in the woods in winter.  They are cute to look at and, if I were their mother, I am sure I would be enraptured.  But I am not their mother and I am not enraptured. I am mildly entertained for a few minutes, that's about all. Do I want to know what any of them have to say about my videos, no.  Do I want to comment about their videos and have people younger than my children chastise me for the insignificant, meaningless comment, no.  One of my comments was about the amount of makeup the vlogger was wearing and how she really didn't need that much makeup.  I thought the makeup hid her natural good looks  and made her look scary. (lots of black around th eyes) I was sharply criticized by other commenters for being bossy.  It was only a comment.  Which, I doubt the vlogger who it was addressed to, ever read.  I started the channel to talk about issues of aging with people who were noticing that they were aging, not people who didn't yet realize they were.  This was a good realization for me.  Doing the channel means more to me then having people view the videos, it means connecting with people like me, older people who want to have some fun and experience new things and most of all, people who want to share the wonders of aging.  

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