While On The Train: To Approach Or Not To Approach, That Is The Question

While On The Train: To Approach Or Not To Approach, That Is The Question

My friend Joe and I were discussing train flirting the other day. He had seen a really pretty girl on his way to work, and didn’t know if it was appropriate to say something to her.

While going back and forth about it, he came up with a really good line. If the girl got off at his stop, he’d say, “Listen, you really don’t have to stalk me. I’ll just give you my number.”

I totally loved the line, and I think she would have, too, but unfortunately she got off a stop before so it was no longer plausible.

I told him about my own train escapades and how I never knew if it was okay to sit next to a guy who smiled at me (with his eyes) and start talking to him. You never know if he was just staring because I had something on my face, or if he’s a serial killer, or if he’s just bored and heading home to his fiancé.

I mean, sure, you could sit next to them, strike up a conversation about the weather, and then tell your grandchildren the story 50 years from now. Can that happen? Possibly. Will that happen? Probably not. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably have a better chance of getting a pity nod from them, or worse, a frightened look and a not-so-subtle eye contact avoidance. Then you're left to sit there, contemplating whether or not you should shamefully get off at the next stop (even though it's not yours) and jump in front of the next train.

Joe and I decided it’s not the rejection that would hurt. It’s the PUBLIC rejection. If the person you get up the nerve to speak with (girl or guy) decides to be a jerk and hate on you, you literally have to sit in a train car full of people that just watched it happen.

Have you ever approached someone on a train? Were you successful or unsuccessful?

Keep on keepin' on,


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