(POLL) Women at Work: Which Job Could You Never Do?

(POLL) Women at Work: Which Job Could You Never Do?

Welcome to the first in a month-long series of polls about Women in the Workplace. In honor of the upcoming conference BlogHer Pro on December 13th, all of our weekly polls will have to do with how folks in the BlogHer community feel about work.

We'll be asking about job skills, dream jobs and jobs you could never imagine doing yourself. We will probe for your thoughts about how (or even if) you take a break from work, and we'll dive into one of the most contentious and challenging topics in the 21st Century workplace: e-mail.

Lucy and Ethel


This week we want to know about jobs that you think you could never do. When I was a little girl, my parents brought our family to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and we toured the famous chocolate factory. I witnessed a woman whose job was to fold a cardboard box a certain way on an assembly line ... about 6,000 times per day. I realized right then and there that I could never do that job and stay sane. Lucy and Ethyl were extremely challenged by assembly line work, as well. How about you? Tell us in the poll below and please write your choice in the other if you don't see one that fits your "nightmare" job.

Which of the following jobs do you respect because you could never do it yourself?


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