3 Cheap Ways to Find Large Containers for Your Plants

3 Cheap Ways to Find Large Containers for Your Plants

All gardeners will tell you how important large pots can be! But they're often very expensive, or difficult to find. For these reasons, it's always useful to have some large containers ready when you need them. It's best to get these containers cheaply—or even for free. It's possible, if only if you know where to look.

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How to Get Large Containers for Your Plants Without Having to Spend Much Money

  • Ask for used five-gallon plastic pots at your Home Depot. Home Depot has a special program that lets people who buy large plants bring the containers back for recycling. Ask the staff to give you these containers instead. Chances are that they'll let you have them for free or for a very small price.
  • Ask at your local bakery. Bakeries get frosting and cookie dough in large buckets —which they never need to reuse them. Ask if they have some buckets they want to get rid of. You have a strong chance of taking them for no charge. In fact, you will be doing them a favor, because they won't have to throw those buckets away.
  • Other stores. Ask around the other local stores. Many of them have large containers they don't use, so chances are that they will be happy to let you take them for free.

These containers are often a good alternative to commercial pots. Even if you can't score them for free, you will for sure get them at a much lower price than you would spend on commercial pots. You will need to clean them thoroughly before using them—but that's a small inconvenience.

Want more ideas? Read more tips for finding cheap, large pots for your plants.

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