When was the last time you threw up on yourself? Mine was yesterday!

When was the last time you threw up on yourself? Mine was yesterday!

Once you've been pregnant and given birth, whether it's a vaginal or a c-section, all sense of privacy and embarrassment goes out the window. At least this is the case for me; I mean I've had complete strangers see my hoo ha and everything else during labor and delivery so what do I have to be prideful about? What I'm going to share with you is  supposed to be funny. You can laugh about it, goodness knows I have been since it happened this morning.

I was driving my son and one of our neighbors to preschool this morning. We were running a little behind so I was feeling rushed. We had just turned out of our neighborhood and onto the main street of our town when one of the kids (there were three of them including my daughter) let out an S.B.D. You know, silent but deadly fart? I have been very sensitive to smell with this pregnancy. I always have had an incredibly good sniffer so my heightened sense of smell now is akin to what my beagle must be able to smell.

The stench wafted its way to the front of the car and I gagged. Not wanting to slow down because I had to get the boys to school I discreetly rolled the window down a little bit. I wasn't sure who was the S.B.D. culprit but I didn't want to embarrass whoever it was. That's the worst thing when you're a five year old, to be outed as the farter. The air coming in from my cracked window clearly wasn't enough, I gagged again. And again.

Suddenly without any warning my breakfast crept up and into my mouth. It was like a wet burp so I just kept my mouth closed and tried to swallow it back down. More breakfast made its way up and soon I had a mouthful of my own partially digested breakfast cereal sitting in my mouth. We came to a stop sign and I took our usual left hand turn. I pulled over to the side of the road all too late; I was now wearing my breakfast. 

All over my coat and the sweatpants I had thrown on in haste this morning, they were covered in my own vomit. Of course, this would be the time that I don't have any paper towels or cloth towels in my car. I did have a few tiny napkins from some fast food place. I started to clean myself up when the sight of my own throw up caused me to gag again. I tried to control it but biological urges overcame my mental ability to control my bodily functions so I threw the door opened, threw the soaked paper napkin to the ground and out came the rest of my breakfast.

My kids weren't phased by the scene at all. It's happened before; well, I haven't thrown up all over myself before but I have had to pull the car over so that I could throw up. Our poor neighbor, my son's friend, was so concerned about the whole thing and I think a little disgusted! My son explained, "Oh, it's okay. It's just the baby in Mom's tummy; it makes her sick." Then the neighbor kid and my son continued to discuss whether or not this meant I was going to have the baby in two days because the baby was making me sick. Yeah, you try explaining the length of pregnancy to two five year old boys who have barely begun to understand the concept of time. Not an easy task.

All is well now. The mess is cleaned up in the car, my coat is sparkling clean like it was before this morning and the sweatpants got a wash too. The boys have recovered from the incident, of course, after sharing it with their entire preschool class and I've learned my lesson. Next time, when something smells bad, no matter where I am, I will stop, get fresh air and breathe through my mouth. Oh and I'll have a good laugh about it too! Sick Rick!!!Cleaned pea coat, and smelling pretty.


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