When It's Time For The Last Good-Bye

When It's Time For The Last Good-Bye

A blogging friend of mine,
Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles ,
is in the process of making her “final” plans.


I have thought about this myself.
I don’t think it is morbid.
I think it is a good thing to do to make it easier
on the people who care for you when the time comes to say the last good-bye.

I am writing letters to friends to receive after I have gone to the great beyond.
Hopefully, they will need to be revised many times!
And I have thought about writing a last post for my blog(s).

There have been blogs I followed that just stopped.
There are no more posts.
I wonder what happened…where are they?
Are they ok, just tired of blogging, to busy to post,
have nothing to say, are they sick, did they die?

Maybe along with my last post my friend,
who will be taking care of the stuff that needs to be done,
can add my obituary.

Does this sound stupid?
Have you thought about doing something like this?
This ditzy inquiring mind wants to know.



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