When Do You Know It's the Right Time to Put Your Cat Down?

When Do You Know It's the Right Time to Put Your Cat Down?

So, I have this wonderful indoor 14 year old cat who I've raised basically as my child since he was 6 weeks old.  About a year and half ago after realizing he was drinking absurd amounts of water and dirtying his litter box quite frequently, I decided to bring him to the vet.  We then realized he has Diabetes so our vet prescribed him insulin that we do twice a day and gave us diabetic cat food.  It's a strict schedule and it makes going away a little difficult.  Everything's been fine for the last year and half until recently he started peeing on the bathroom rug, under tables, and basically anywhere that isn't his litter box, even if it's clean. 

I've only ever had outdoor cats who have passed on on their own, I was never around to make that "decision".  I know it's difficult for someone to tell me when the right time is but maybe some examples of when other's put their's down would help me make a decision.  

He's still full of personality and still greets me when I walk in the door everyday.  He just has a difficult time walking, his back legs are very weak and he pees everywhere! I just don't know when enough is enough and I don't know if he's suffering and if I do choose to put him down, am I putting him down before his time?

Please help and thanks!


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