What's On Your Summer Reading List?

What's On Your Summer Reading List?

"If a book is well written, I always find it too short."

- Jane Austen


Let's talk about books ...

Several summers ago, I tore through the Hunger Games trilogy. (I often turn to my 7th and 8th-grade students for reading suggestions - they know what's in ... what's juicy). The Hunger Games is the last book I could.not.put.down. I was so hungry, I read it under the dinner table while my then 2-year-old ate dinner.

Pause. Fast forward. I had another baby.

Dang. I'm not reading much adult lit. My life is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Can You See? and Family Fun.

Then in a blink, my girls are four and seven. I'm not as exhausted and I'm reading more.

Recently, I savored Gone Girl. All day I would look forward to diving into bed, eager to turn the pages.

Currently, I'm in the middle of Mindsetwhich I'm love, loving, and highly recommend. It's fascinating, talking about fixed mindsets versus growth mindsets. I'll write more in a later post, but I'm sold on growing and have lots to share.

On my bedside cuing up for summer are the following:

  • This Is Where I Leave You
  • A Paris Apartment
  • How to Bullyproof Your Classroom

Opinions on these? If you're anti, speak up. I'm not opposed to ditching one. In college a bestie's mom said to me something like, "If you're many pages into a book and you're not liking it, why are you still reading?" Those words were freedom to me. It's a book. Stop midway if you're not into it.

That being said, I'd like a few more to add to the mix, specifically beach reads.

Have you read anything good lately? Do you have any summer reading recommendations? I'd love to hear ...

P.S. Amazon's list of 100 books to read in a lifetime.  At quick glance I've read, Goodnight Moon and Me Talk Pretty One Day ... better get going!

Ciao for now.

(The above photo is of my brother and I in 1979 hanging out in our backyard pool).


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 I write about stumbling into balancing roots and wings. 

 My driving force comes from my mom, who always said: "I gave you roots to guide you and wings so you can fly." I've built my life around that motto. My aim is to pass on to my daughters what my family secured in me.

 I want us to slow down, grow roots, and build a solid foundation. I also want to strengthen our wings and soar.

It's a balance between holding on and letting go, between planning and being. 


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