What's In My Diaper Bag: Toddler Edition

What's In My Diaper Bag: Toddler Edition

Happy April! The sun is shining bright and it's finally warm! Can't wait to take a walk around the 'hood once Sofia wakes up from her nap. Lately, she hasn't been much into sitting in the stroller. Yesterday evening, our own little mini-Hulk continually thrust her entire body forward in an effort to break though the straps. Obviously the stroller won and she was pissed. We plopped our dog in the there, Sof held the leash, and everyone came out a winner.

Our diaper bag used to accompany the stroller everywhere it went, but as the stroller is fading away, so is the diaper bag. I've received numerous requests for a diaper bag update to my original post.

Diaper bag

Here's what we're working with in the Toddler bag!

Sofia's Growth Stat book, snack cup, snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bubbles, boogie wipes, diapers, baby powder, change of clothes, bib, sippy, paci and blanket.

While a lot of items are the same, we've been able to cut back on a bunch too, making for a much lighter load. The diaper bag still goes everywhere we go, only now I leave it in the car and stuff any essentials in my purse, mainly sippys and snacks

Halfway through writing this post, Sofia woke up from her nap early, ready to tear the house apart. We came downstairs so I can finish up my work for the day, she was having a snack next to me and I hear, "DOOO-DA NO! DOOO-DA NO!" It's really quite unreal how much they pickup, I always tell our dog, Vinny (Sof's calls him Doo-Da!), to stay away from her while she's eating. Guess we better start watching what we say around her now, the fun has just begun!


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