What Type of Social Media Leader Are You?


Instructor: Ananda Leeke

>> ANANDA LEEKE: Good morning. Good morning. My name is Ananda Leeke. I am your hostess with the mostest. I want to welcome you to day 2 of BlogHer. Woo!
>> Woo!
>> ANANDA LEEKE: The session today, just in case, if you didn't know, is what type of social media leader are you. It's going to be about 12 minutes of me talking and then the balance is so that I can hear what you all are saying. So it's a conversation between all of us.
So I want us before we even get started -- I'm going to put on my yoga teacher hat. Yes, yoga teacher lives inside. And I'm going to invite you, if you would like, to take a couple deep breaths so that we can arrive together. And if someone could close the back door, the Catholic anal daughter of a teacher in me is like, let's get started, because I want to respect your time, because we got a great lunch coming up.
So let's all just take a deep breath, inhale, and let's exhale through our mouths. You all are experts. Let's do it again. (inhaling and exhaling). One last time. Inhale. (exhaling). All right, we're both -- we're all here together on the same page at the same time.
Now, as we settle in this morning I want to share a golden nugget that I found last week while reading a really cool blog. It's called the lead blog, and the writer and publisher of it is Michael McKinney. Let me first say to all of you lovely note takers, I have prepared take-aways and I have copies for everybody. If you want the digital copy, 15 minutes after the session there will be a Tweet on Ananda Leeke, my Twitter handle, and you'll be able to go to the blog and take a look at it and do what you want with it. So there will be some handouts, and I promise you, I'm giving you everything. I'm really detailed. So you can relax and did not or take notes.
So Michael McKinney, he says that leaders are ordinary people that understand that they make a difference and have made the decision to determine the kind of difference they will make. He says that leadership is intentional influence. I want you to remember the word "influence" because we're going to go back to that word.
Let me just get a show of hands, how many people in the room have a blog and have at least one reader? Awesome, okay. Here's another question, just to get a feel for who's in the room. How many people have social media and have at least one follower? Okay. All right. One thing I want to say that we all have in common in this room is that we're social media leaders. Why? Because you have digital power and a digital platform of influence.
Let me tell you what digital power is according to me. I'm just saying according to me. Digital power consists of your digital footprint, which is your blog, your on-line business, your Web site, your social media accounts, it's your communities and any efforts that you might have. Now, a digital platform of influence comes about through the impact that you have on your blog readers and your social media friends and followers: When you advocate for causes you build community, you create exciting content, you may create an art piece, a book, a video, a product, a publication, when you (off microphone) a content, when you educate and inform, when you share information and experiences, when you explore and experiment with the new technology as an early adopter or a trend setter. When you participate in social good campaigns, when you inspire and motivate, when you mentor, you network, you tell your fabulous personal stories, and you promote others. All of that is the impact that you have, and it gives you the permission to say that you're a social media leader because you have a digital platform of influence.
So as you're engaging in all of this wonderful activity on-line and off-line with your readers, and your social media friends and followers, they're watching what you say and what you do. They're learning from you. You're an example. Whether you know it or not that makes you a leader.
But here's the thing. You have a choice in how you lead. You determine the type of leader you want to be.
Now, over the last couple of years I have been doing some work with this one thing I call the digital sister network, and two years ago we created the digital sisterhood leadership project, and as I've been watching and observing women on-line, I've noticed that there are 12 different roles that we play, according to me. There are plenty more and I'm open to hearing more in the comments section, if you want to tell me later. But the 12 roles that I've identified include advocate, community builder, creator, curator, educator, influencer, mentor, motivator, promoter, social do-gooder, storyteller and thought leader. Now, do any of these roles ring a bell in anyone? Okay. Does anyone in the room feel like, yeah, I want to be that one day, maybe, somehow?
Well, let me say this. The thing that has helped me to determine my leadership style on any given day, and I fluctuate because we're all ever-changing beings, is looking at archetype, and I've looked at 12 different roles and compartmentalized them into seven different archetype, and I call them the digital sister leadership archetype. And I'm going to turn my phone off because it's buzzing. You know, we're in social media and I should respect you all. Okay.
So archetype, if you've never heard about them, what they are are personalities that live inside of us. You can use them as windows of self-discovery, and the way that I use them, I look at them as ways to embrace and accept myself, and I treat them as team leaders.
So there's seven. There is the creativista. The creativista is the woman who gives birth to creativity. She may write a book, she may make some marks, she may do a video, she may have a fabulous blog post. She could create some wonderful services. One example that really guides me, and I'm a big weboso person. Isa Ray, she's the founder of aquaventures black girl. Then we have the empirista is the woman who thinks of herself as CEO, herself, and I call it Me, Inc. She maintains a entrepreneurial mind-set, has ideas and transforms them into businesses, economies, institutions, networks and organizations, that add value to people's lives, and our three BlogHer co-founders are true examples of empiristas. Now we have the empowerista. She creates content, shares information and experiences, she connects with others and establishes positive relationships, and she builds and participates in communities that empower her and others, and some examples are -- we have one in the room, Stacy Ferguson. She's co-founder and chief curator of Blogalicious, and then this morning Cheryl Sandburg. She is a perfect example of an empirista.
Next we have an enchantista. That's a woman who taps into the magic of her spirit as she focuses her energy, opens her heart, trusts her intuition, embraces her fears and shares her gifts and services to others. One of my personal favorites that I love is Jeannette Kaplun. She's founder of Hispana Global. Evangelista embraces a value system, a lifestyle, a cause or a campaign that improves her life and others. One example, she just spoke on the panel before me, was Veronica Arreola. She is the founder of Viva La Feminista blog. Woo, okay, got it out. There's the flowista and today I'm feeling like the flowista. She's a woman who unplugs from digital and tech devices for periods of time so she can recharge and take care of herself. And an example of that, bless you, is Gwen Bell. She's a global entrepreneur. She's an author and a yoga teacher, and I say I'm a flowista in the midst of BlogHer. Now with my phone off, because I'm just feeling really great in the vibe and the energy from the conference, the people that are in this room and just connecting with people, and I'm just feeling at home.
The last is a lifestylista. She is a woman who lives her life as a work of art, expresses it through her passion for beauty, entertaining, fashion, food, home decor, personal style and travel, and she inspires others to live their lives as works of art. If you were here yesterday and you saw Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman she's a great example of an fashionista. If you go tonight, afrobella is perfect of lifestylista. Here's these archetype. You can use them to shape your social media leadership style. You can also use them to identify virtual mentors who represent their qualities that you can learn from as you develop your own style.
I encourage you to create a list of your leadership qualities and your own archetype. You don't have to stay with mine. They're just a suggestion, or leave the archetype alone. Maybe you just have a key word that resonates, maybe advocate is something that resonates with you. The beautiful thing about being a blogger is that we're surrounded by an amazing cadre of people, and they're here. They could be folks you're sitting next to right now, they could be your roommate, they could be the volunteers, the speakers, the sponsors, the PR marketing professionals. They're all here, and everyone has something that you can learn from. You can have a brief conversation with them, take their card, Google them later, but you can find some virtual mentors here if that's what you're looking for.
Now, everyone that you reach out to in search of a virtual mentor or someone that you just want to connect with, they may not have the time to connect with you one-on-one or face-to-face, and that's okay, because there are plenty of folks that are on my long list of virtual mentors that don't even know that I admire they, like Mellody Hobson today when Cheryl Sandburg mentioned her name. She's been a virtual mentor for decades with me. So just know that you can have a relationship with someone or not. It's still okay.
Now, before I close and I open it up for conversation, I'm the daughter of two educators. My mother was a Catholic school principal for many years, so you all know about homework. I am wedded to homework. I want to leave with you a homework assignment, only if you want to. I'm a big fan of six-word memoirs, and they're six random words that you can use to create a statement about who you are, a state of being or an experience. I want to give you an opportunity in the next three minutes to take some time to write six words that describe your leadership style as a woman or man in social media. And I forgot to make this gender neutral. Sorry, guys.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: You have about 40 seconds left. I'm kind of making up the time because I stepped away and lost track. That's a disclaimer.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: So I want to just remind you, that as people in this room you already are social media leaders. Why? Because you have two things. You have digital power and you have a digital platform of influence. Please don't take that for granted. Please know that you should own it. I mean, we've just had a great keynote with Cheryl Sandburg. Let's all lean in at whatever level you feel comfortable and demonstrate ourselves as social media leaders.
So now I would like to invite my fabulous mic wrangler, Laura, to go around, and if you want to share your six-word memoir, feel free. If you want to ask a question or make a comment you can. We have about 15 minutes. I really want to hear what you all have to say. Thank you. Who's going to be first? No pressure.
>> Hi, everybody, I'm Deborah Shane and I am delighted to be in Ananda's session. Last year we were on a panel together and forged a sistership relationship in more ways than one. She's an amazing spirit and I really appreciate you asking me about my six-word memoir, and I'm going to share it with you right now. Kindness, fairness, integrity, intelligence, humor, and curiosity.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. Thanks, Deb. Anybody else?
>> Hi, my name is Jenna, this is Sam. And we write at CallHerHappy.com and I say we because I'm usually nursing him when I'm typing. You can picture if you like, or not. (laughter) Anyway, my six-word memoir, Catholic and mom are the first thing that came to mind. Those are two things that I identify with most closely, and I also had curious on mine as well. I'm always curious about new things, really anything. I love to be a learner. Happy as well. I wrote down. It's in my blog title, call her happy. I try to bring that to my readers, even though that's not my constant state, I try to, you know, give that to them.
I would also say I'm an evangelizer, I'm very into my faith and I like to bring that to people who are either like-minded or who just want to know more or want to have a discussion about it. And I try to be approachable as well with humor and joy, things like that. That's more than six words. (laughter).
>> ANANDA LEEKE: That's good. You can always add more.
>> 40-word memoir.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: There's one behind you, Laura.
>> Hi, I am Vanessa Gusneva. So I put down the six words that would describe me is I'm fun, informative, energetic, a little bit disorganized, supportive and I love learning from social media.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome.
>> Hi, I'm Michelle and I blog at balancing Jane, and this exercise really made me realize something about my leadership style because my six words were passionate, engaged, reflective, caring, hopeful and welcoming. So it made me think about how much I want other -- to build that community, as you were talking about.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Hmmm, thank you so much. And one thing I want to say is if you don't want to share and you want to Tweet it out to me, you can, because I'm going to ask everybody at the end to Tweet theirs out if they feel like it and I'll re-Tweet, or you can just keep it to yourself.
>> Hi, I'm Shannon from babyschmooze.com and my six-word memorandum what is fun, independent, confident, inspiring, successful and unique, and I should have put conceited at the end, but that would have been seven. (laughter)
>> ANANDA LEEKE: You go girl. And if you have questions or comments you can do that too. It's not just six-word memoirs. You can ask whatever you feel you want to ask and I'll try to answer.
>> Hi, I'm Danielle and you can find me on Tweeter at upper valley mom. And I wrote down share stories, connect authentically, and motivate personally meaningful action.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. I love it. And I love how people are making it longer. I'm wordy, so I always -- if I could do 20-word memoirs I would.
>> Hi, I'm Sandra, and I write at my blog letters of muse. My six words can actually become four because they're hyphenated. But the six words that I wrote down are embracing the cup half full life. Because I think when something happens, I don't know -- when I look at it, it could be very different from somebody else. There are people who look at it cup half empty, but I tend to always look at it cup half full.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. That's a great way to look at life. Thank you.
>> (off microphone) your blog again.
>> Repeat it into the microphone.
>> Oh, letters of muse.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Thank you.
>> I'm Linda Williams Rorum and my blog is permission slips, and I would say analytical, frazzled, energetic supportive nurturing, understanding.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Wonderful. I like how you put in frazzled. You mixed it all in. (laughter) We've got some in the front.
>> Hi, I'm Shannon from sweet Stella's. I'm going to go with -- it's kind of weird but whatever. Creative, empowering, strong, emotional, free-spirited and bad ass.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: All right. You go with your bad self. (laughter).
>> Hi, I'm Sarah from left brain Buddha, and being left brainy thought they all had to end this E-R or O-R. Teacher, curator, thought leader and mother.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: I love that and love the name of your blog, left brain Buddha. Anybody else?
>> Hi, I'm Katie Sluiter from Sluiter Nation, if you see me on Twitter, a lot of people pronounce it "slighter" because there's a U in there, silent. Mine is storytelling teacher writer, helpful, reflective love.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Beautiful. That's a good -- I think we all tell stories, and in our stories there are -- I'm always looking at like the wisdom that comes from it, and we're wisdom teachers, so no matter what you write, you're teaching, and if you're teaching you're leading. That's what I was taught. Anyone else? We have about five more minutes. So I'm open to using it that whatever way you all want to use it.
>> So I wrote analytical, spiritual, reflective, global, organized and passionate.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. What's your name?
>> Raji.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Hi, Raji. Your blog?
>> I blog at (off microphone) dot-com.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. And I love the word "awesome." I'm 19 going on 99. (laughter)
>> Okay, hi, I'm Tonya Weinberg. I blog professionally for my organization, save the children, and I'm trying to start my own blog at momword.com, I wrote mom, child advocate, ex-journalist and iconoclast. That's cool you do it for working and now you're doing it for you, for blogging.
>> I'm kind of in the same position. I blog for a company. At healthy dining finder. And so I put down educate, inspire, tempt, inform, connect and delight. Because it's all about food, so I tempt people.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: All right. It is all about food. (laughter).
>> Hi, I'm Jessie. I write professionally for an app called couple, and I've blogged personally about educational technology. I think probably my favorite words, because I love people, I am a humanist, I'm a technologist but I'm also a teacher, a lover and a connector. Also inspirer.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: All right.
>> If I do it right.
>> ANANDA LEEKE: Awesome. Awesome. You guys are so mellow. That's why I'm flowista, I'll float right out of here. Any last comments or questions before we close? Oh, Stacy.
>> I wanted to ask you if you had any final words of wisdom in your time creating this digital sisterhood network? You know, what is the most important thing that we should take away as leaders?
>> ANANDA LEEKE: I said this yesterday, and I'll say it again today. I think I was taught -- and my mother is my greatest leader. She's 73, going on 32. (laughter) If you can believe it. She's crazy. But she taught me to listen to people, and when you listen, you can listen by listening to them like we're doing right now. You can listen by reading. I'm an avid reader, I'm a information junky, let's be honest, and I read at all times of the day, Stacy knows I read her blog. So I'm very curious and always wanting to know. I don't suggest that for everyone, but if you listen to people, really listen, you can hear and you can learn, and for me as a leader, listening has been my greatest strength, because you can hear what people are not saying when you listen, because you're looking at them too, paying attention, observation, and I would also add thanking people, gratitude. I know I would not be here if I did not have the generosity of others behind me, and it comes from giving back. It's like that evangelista. I think all of us in this room have a little evangelista in us, and generosity, and setting boundaries. I'm going on three. I told you I could talk and write forever. (laughter) But listening, generosity, are probably the two -- two pieces for me.
Thank you, Stacy. I want to thank you all for being here, and I want us to take three deep breaths as we get ready to go back out into that BlogHer day 2 energy and adventure, because there's a whole lot more coming this afternoon and this evening. So join me in taking a deep breath. (inhaling and exhaling). Take another deep breath and bring your shoulders up. Exhale and let them drop down. Now we're really getting into yoga. Bring them up again. And exhale one last time. Thank you again. In 15 minutes there will be a Tweet on Ananda Leeke with all of this information. If you want a paper copy because you're just attached to paper, which is okay, I have copies, so come up. Thanks again, everybody. Many blessings.

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