What Makes YOU Happy?

What Makes YOU Happy?


I have spent the majority of the day on the computer. I have been working on my blog, trying to find new readers and trying to reach out to read the blogs of other people.

AND I am completely frustrated and grouchy. Not because of any one thing. More, because I feel that I have wasted my day. I didn't spend a lot of meaningful time with my kids today. Sure, they came and sat on my lap and asked me to read to them and wanted to watch YouTube movies and basically just wanted loves, but I was preoccupied. 

One of the blogs I came across today was asking "What Makes You Happy?"  So I think, since I am decidedly not happy right at this moment, I am going to wrench out some happy thoughts and call it good.

Things that make me happy:
  • Taking my shoes off and walking in warm ankle deep water in red sand
  • Watching James' face when he blows bubbles
  • Sitting in a darkened theater, listening to an orchestra tuning, waiting for a show to begin
  • Cheesecake.  
  • Successfully navigating through moguls (it happened, once.)
  • Watching Steve in his element (climbing a wall, maneuvering a raft through rapids, skiing powder, even just tying knots)
  • Completing a particularly complex math problem
  • Traveling. Anywhere.
  • Being off the beaten path - usually somewhere amazingly beautiful where I have hiked and knowing that I am one of a select few people to experience it first hand
  • Emma yelling, "I'm Hooooome!" every day when she gets home from school
  • Cutting slices into a wedge of cantaloupe and stretching it apart and putting it back together like an accordion
  • A fresh haircut
  • The smell of oranges
  • A quality jigsaw puzzle that fits together well and is slightly challenging
  • Walking around downtown (any downtown)
  • Having a dog lay down right next to me and snuggle in so we are both warm and cozy
  • Connecting with a friend and feeling that soul mate, bosom friend feeling
  • Watching Will happily run-skip
  • Really good, reality junk TV shows like Survivor, Project Runway, Amazing Race and having someone to talk to about them
  • Movie theater popcorn that is buttered just right
  • Wildflowers
  • Learning a new craft
  • Feeling loved

It worked. I'm happy now.  :)  You should try it.

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