What It Takes to Be a Food Blogger

What It Takes to Be a Food Blogger


And I remember it like yesterday because it’s all right here in front of me.  I have every holiday.


I have every adorable moment.


No scrapbooking required (sorry craft bloggers I just suck at crafts, I mean no offense). That has been a major bonus that I didn’t plan on developing. It just happened.

101_1742Someday I will be posting daily, I’m sure. But, that hasn’t happened yet. I am entirely too busy. I squeak by for now.  And until then I try to make each post stretch by picking up odd jobs on social media platforms. Yes, occasionally I get paid to tweet. Weird, right? Yeah, that’s a real thing.  Also, I do some graphic design work on the side and syndication of posts helps (a lot!) financially as well.

Getting paid for work I already did for free? Um, yes please! We’d like to take a vacation again in the next 30 years.

101_1740 (2) (538x640)

101_1740 (2)I also get about a thousand emails a day from people (companies, authors, networks, marketers, etc.) that are looking to get a message out to the public. They want me to try their product (free samples!) and get a message out to you, my readers, telling them my experience with said product.  I only answer the ones that really interest me, honestly. At first I tried to answer everyone and everything and it was too much.  Now I answer readers almost exclusively.

So, overall I work about 20 hours a week, not including “mom work,” and I do it always in the morning.  I’m a morning person. Afternoons and evening are for the family. I plan around the weather and take a lot of photos of everything around me just in case something amazing happens, like this shot of Max collecting leaves on an autumn day.


In a world of digital photography, there’s no reason not to take photos of everything. I make money, yes, but I’m hardly rolling in it. Maybe someday. I started out with a point and shoot camera and a baby on my hip because I wanted something spicy to eat. It has grown organically from there. Most of the photos I do take don’t pass the blog test, but over time, I’m learning and growing and trying new things.  It seems to be working.

It’s not easy,  and it takes a lot of planning and creativity, but it beats arguing with strangers on the Internet.

At least, for me.

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