Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death: I'll Stand with Meriam

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death: I'll Stand with Meriam

I’ve heard virtually nothing about it.

The Solange Jay-Z rumble in the elevator? Yes. Oh, definitely yes.

Donald Sterling still flapping his gums? Heard about that too.

Alec Baldwin being a jerk? Again. Why does his behavior even make headlines anymore? I mean, is anyone actually surprised by it?

But Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Sudanese woman who is awaiting execution? Nope. Nothing.

Oh, it’s been trending somewhat on Facebook, jockeying for a top spot, but her story never trumps the CelebriNews.

And I don’t know why. Maybe persecution’s just boring, unglamorous, and not shiny enough to be attention-grabbing.

Maybe it’s normal that this pregnant mom’s toddler is being imprisoned right alongside her. Which is happening. Right now.

Maybe it’s just business as usual when people are sentenced to die because they won’t recant their faith. Which is what's happening to this Sudanese woman.

Maybe a woman being flogged because she married a man who happens to be Christian and also practices that faith, despite being born to a Muslim father, is yawn-inducing.

Maybe it makes sense that disdain for a teen pop sensation lights up Twitter with its own hashtag, while no hashtag is trending to choke out the very noose by which this wife, this mother, this person scheduled to hang.

I just don’t know.

And I also know this: I’ll stand with Meriam and I’ll be praying for her life to be spared.

#SaveMeriam #IStandWithMeriam

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