What the History of BlogHer Means to and for Me

What the History of BlogHer Means to and for Me

You know, back in August when I first joined BlogHer, I had no idea how to blog. I was unfamiliar with it, except for readt Ree Drummond's blog. I saw how she wrote and it was effortless. She wrote her blog posts, as if she was talking directly to you. And I decided, that's how I wanted to write. I wanted to have a connection with readers and bloggers alike. I wanted to be able to write in such a way, that it would feel like we're all sitting around a table or talking on the phone. And I found that in all of your work. Every single one of you ladies, have a unique style all your own, but they are all conversational. They are diverse and intelligent. I am have been reading posts here on Blogher, And I am always inspired.

When I first read about the beginning of BlogHer, I though to myself, 'How cool is this? Women having the strength to go out there and make history!' That was amazing to me. So, upon reading on, I knew instantly, that if I was going to blog, being here was the place to do it. I knew that I could learn here, I could grow here and I could get better here. I am sure that all of us felt that way. I am certain that all of felt a sense of pride, when we found out that Women founded BlogHer and finally, as much debate, we have place that we can call our own! Created by us, Growing with us, Made for Us! And that's a lot of power. And after watching the clip, I decided that I wanted to highlight what BlogHer has meant to me.

First of all, it takes bold, precise, strong and determined women to ask the question, "Where are all of the women who blog?' Now to some, this was a simple question. But, all of us that know and respect what Blogging is and what it means to us, see that power within and behind that question. It takes strong women to ask a tough question, and then go out there to discover answers.

Elisa Camohort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, decided to be a few of the proud women to take that plunge and not be afraid to take a chance. And I am sure that it a huge undertaking. If you ladies wouldn't mind, imagine with me. Imagine what it must have been like to start up website like this one. Women that have been to several events and saw female bloggers. But, wondered why they didn't have their own platform? To set and decide that you're going to do something about it and not wait for others, take bravery and heart. And these ladies, accomplished that.

Thanks to them, all of us have a place where we can just be ourselves. We can laugh out loud, we can share, we can write, share photos, videos and we can vent. We can talk about important issues on a lrge platform and have our opinions matter. Because let's face it. Not everyone doesn't get the opportunity to step out on a main stage and speak their minds. And then some folks are shy about public speaking. so, this platform is a great way, for the shyest of people to be honest and talk about what's important to them.

To me, BlogHer is a severe, serious source to be reckoned with. BlogHer is an amazing community. Filled with Bloggers, Writers, Photographers, Crafters, Authors and so many more people. BlogHer has a voice, herself. And it reaches out to over fifty five million women. Highest ranked, among women. And that's some communication.

The more I blog, the more feel the pressures to write about things that matter to me. Things that holds importance. And every now and then, I've got to  lighten up and have some fun blog posts, too. That's what is supposed to be. Fun. If you are into being a Do-it-Yourselfer, that's terrific. Blog about it! Don't be afraid to do something outside of your comfort zone. That's exactly what these women did. They decided to make a change and I suggest that we all should do, from time to time.

I must say that I truly proud of all of your ladies, especially our founding bloggers. They deserve a round of applause, a standing ovation, whatever you can give them. If you just want to write a comment  their blogs, then take that time to let them know how you look up to them.


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