What happened to the traditional woman?

What happened to the traditional woman?

For a long time now I've really wanted to blurt out this question because as more and more time passes... more and more relationships lose traditional ideals. To me, this is why the divorce rate today is at an all time high. Why don't women take care of their men like they used to? Where's the tradition?

A reader of mine (male), sent me a very interesting email about his relationship. He asked me advice as to how he should go about instilling tradtional values into his relationship without putting his girl on the defense and creating a huge issue. Here's a bit of the email:

"Please tell me how I can approach my girlfriend about taking care of things around the house! We've been living together for two years now and she's a great girl and I love her but as far as cooking, cleaning, and making dinner... things like that, she sucks at it! We constantly fight about it too! Whenever I ask her to do stuff like that she thinks I'm trying to boss her around but I'm not. I'm not a chauvinist, I just think thats what a woman should do. My mom did it and she still does! Help me out! I don't see me staying with her if we can't work this out".

I can personally feel the man's pain because I've been in situations where my girlfriend thought her college degree made her "over qualified" to be a traditional woman and as sad as it may sound, it ruined the relationship. Even worse is that this isn't the first time I've been approached with this problem.

I don't know what to reply... So I ask any woman reading this to lend a word of advice. Is the traditional woman gone or is there hope to bring these ideals back?



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