What do you want to tell advertising companies?

What do you want to tell advertising companies?

I've been asked to speak at the Hawaii Advertising Federation annual "university" (http://www.hafspot.com) this coming January, 24, 2008. Since I want to evangelize about new and social media, I'll be using our blog to start connecting with the members as well as asking for input from others of you who have opinions and recommendations.

Comment where you like though I would love to demonstrate to my upcoming audience the value of blog comments over at my original post:

Here's what I'd like to hear from members of the BlogHer community:

* what do you think of the state of advertising?
* what do you want to hear from a company, as a consumer of its products and services?
* are there do's and don'ts for companies who want to converse with their customers and potential customers?
* what's the best way to reach you and influence your buying habits?
* how does a company's advertising practices influence your buying decisions?

I am on a mission to help grow up the conversations and transactions between companies and consumers. I hope you'll join me by adding your opinions and insights.