What Do You Plan To Do For New Year's Eve?

What Do You Plan To Do For New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is right around the corner, and we are hoping you'll tell us what you plan to do to banish the old and ring in the new. Will you spend it in quiet reflection on the year that has passed by? Will you have a raucous celebration with family or friends? 2012 was a bucket list year for me. I got to visit the land of my ancestors (Ireland) and went to a three-day rock festival in Golden Gate Park with my son. It was a very good year!

How will you be spending your time on New Years Eve? By the time this poll goes up (or not ... ha ha!) we will know for sure if that Mayan calendar apocalypse thing for December 21st was just another silly prediction. Does anybody remember the Y2K meltdown? Let's take a leap of faith and say we'll all make it to the New Year. What will you be doing on New Year's Eve to mark the occasion?


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