We're Thinking About Social Media All Wrong

We're Thinking About Social Media All Wrong

As bloggers, we live for traffic and comments. We hope our content goes viral. We slave over our words and hope that the following we've amassed on social media will be enough to spread it across the web.

Most of us think of our blog as the cog in the center of the wheel. Our social media profiles all lead to it. "All roads lead to Rome right?"


Using social media outlets to scream about our content will only annoy our followers and turn us in flat versions of our 3D selves. We have to stop seeing ourselves as a blogger with one blog, and start looking at social media like they are mini-blogs that stand on their own.

Imagine instead of a cog in a wheel with spokes, imagine all parts as equal. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Where do they all feed into?

Why you of course!

It's time we start curating unique content on each of those profiles, rather than just pasting links back to our blog.

I've written a post about how we can learn to shift our paradigm about social media by taking our direction from how a teacher plans his/her lessons. It's on my blog at Fabulous Blogging.


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