Well deserved high-fives

Well deserved high-fives

Paityn has used the potty a few times before, but never for me.  Just a handful of times at her Aunts house in her miniature hand-me down toilet that used to be Brady’s.  But last night she grabbed my hand, mumbled something through her binky and led me up the stairs.

“Potty?” I asked.

“Yeah!” she said with nod.

I held her hand as she pulled me to the bathroom where I took off her diaper and lifted her onto the toilet, careful to hold on so she didn’t fall.  She grinned from ear to ear, beared down and made a tiny little tinkle.

She was smiling the biggest smile the entire time, so certain that what she was doing was remarkable.  We clapped, we high-fived, I told her how proud I was.

Then, I told Brady what his sister had done and his joy was overwhelming.  His face lit up.  He felt just as much pride for her achievement as if it had been him.

“Yay!  Good job, Pay Pay!  Brother’s happy!  And you look beautiful!” he said.  Then, he ran to go share the good news with his dad.

Brother really was happy.  And so was Mommy because that is the kind of love you wish for your children to have.  I hope he is always proud of her and finds joy in the things she accomplishes.