Welcome Back elaineR.N.

Welcome Back elaineR.N.

It may be kind of crusty to give my own welcome back party, but I wanted to give myself public positive feedback and kudos for finally writing again.  Don’t know what exactly pulled me away from my joy of writing about health, but I just didn’t have whatever it took to say what I wanted.  It began after I broke my wrist/arm, as typing hurt when I stayed at it too long.  Then, I didn’t want to think about health stuff beyond my own recovery.  Also, I was really exhausted and didn’t have energy beyond what the daily activities of life called for and  Blah blah blah.  So, that is that and now is now. 

To those that kept asking when I was going to post again, thanks for wanting to read my blog.  That alone is motivating.  So here we go!  Look for my first back to blogging health post about asking the right questions to ensure you understand rational for the instructions you are given post operatively.     

Along with writing, I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and reading posts from those who I hope will become new friends.  Early on in my blogging life, I would get up in the morning, make coffee and read away on BlogHer.com for about an hour to find out what was new, what was good about old, who was in love, who was tired of whiney kids and who had discovered a way to make hamburger taste like steak.   Missed you all and looking forward to joining you for coffee tomorrow. 




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