30 Delicious Recipes to Make With Leftover Ham

30 Delicious Recipes to Make With Leftover Ham

Leftover ham is something that's pretty easy to use when it's winter and Ham and Bean Soup sounds like a great idea -- but if you've cooked ham for Easter and warmer weather has arrived, you may need to get a bit more creative. Luckily, there are plenty of good BlogHer cooks who've shared interesting ideas for using leftover ham. Read them and drool, and then share in the comments if you have some good ideas of your own for using leftover ham.


leftover ham
Image: Courtesy of $5 Dinners


At $5 Dinners, Erin shares Three Ideas that Use Leftover Easter Ham, and all sound tasty and budget-friendly too. There are more leftover ham ideas at Sarah's Cucina Bella, where Sarah shares Five Uses for Leftover Ham from around the web, and at Tipnut, where they've compiled Twelve Ideas for Leftover Ham.


Kentucky Hot Browns
Image: Courtesy of Prudence Pennywise


Kentucky Hot Browns are a type of hot sandwich often made with turkey, but Prudence Pennywise has a tasty sounding version of Kentucky Ham Hot Browns. This is a layered sandwich with toast, ham, cheese sauce, tomatoes and bacon, sure to be popular with ham lovers.


 Deviled Ham Salad Sandwiches
Image: Courtesy of Sweetnicks


Another tasty sandwich idea for leftover ham comes from Sweetnicks, where she creates Deviled Ham Salad Sandwiches in memory of her favorite store-bought ham spread. (I know Cate's recipe for deviled ham is a winner because I used her recipe for my adaptation of Deviled Ham Spread for Stuffing Whole Wheat Pita or Celery.)


Deviled Ham
Image: Courtesy of Umami Girl


There's another yummy but slightly different version of Deviled Ham at Umami Girl, where Carolyn says she was forced to create it when the kindergartener broke down in tears at the prospect of ham on the menu once again.


Ham and Cheese Crustless Quiche
Image: Courtesy of Joyful Abode


Finally, there are lots of ideas for casseroles using leftover ham, but I loved the use of spinach in the Ham and Cheese Crustless Quiche from Joyful Abode. This was actually made for dinner, but I think it could be a great breakfast casserole option too.

More Tasty Dishes with Leftover Ham:

From Retro Food ~ Ham and Macaroni Bake

From Modern Gal ~ Ham and Cabbage Skillet

From Daily Unadventures in Cooking ~ Ham and Mushroom Lasagna

From The Paupered Chef ~ Croque-Monsieur Ham Sandwich

From Baking Bites ~ French Ham, Egg, and Cheese Crepes

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