We Bought The Farm: A Story Of Dreams Coming True

We Bought The Farm: A Story Of Dreams Coming True

We Bought The Farm - A Story Of Dreams Coming True | LazyHippieMama.com

Extra bonus features of this house: It is outside the village limits, which means we get to have animals and we can put any size garden we please in any part of the yard. However, it is the FIRST house outside the village limits, which means our street gets plowed for us in the winter and we have BOTH city and well water. Hooray for options!

There is plenty of wide open space and fields but, the property that is adjacent to the back of our land is the school. That means that, basically in our back yard we have a football field and tennis courts, a track, several playgrounds and some excellent bike riding/skateboarding space for the kids.

Since we are close to town, Sweet Hippie Daughter will still be able to ride her bike to her best friend's house.  Being isolated from other children was one of her biggest concerns about moving to the country. No such worries in this house!

Handsome Hippie Hubby has always wanted his own grape vines. We figured, wherever we go, we could just plant some but these are already mature!

We Bought The Farm - A Story Of Dreams Coming True | LazyHippieMama.com

You may say that anyone can find a place that suits their dream if they look long enough. Perhaps. But I hope you'll read this part...

Call it manifestation or whatever you like. I don't get hung up on terms. I believe in God. I believe that He gave us all kinds of tools - from the strength of our minds and bodies to the vibrations of our words - to help us bring about the desires of our hearts.  With that in mind I call what happened nothing less than a miraculous answer to prayer.

We've lived in our current house for 3 1/2 years. It's a nice little house inside the village limits. We've liked it very much but it was never "the dream."

The house is owned by one of the churches in town.  Over the past several months they've been trying to decide what to do with the house. Renting has been OK for us and for them but it's not their dream, either. Being a landlord can be costly at times. They are paying a property manager, taxes, maintenance, etc. Decisions have to be made by a council which can be tricky and time consuming. They have been considering various ways to use the house as a ministry instead of just a rental house. They didn't want to chuck us out on our bums or raise our rent beyond our means, but still... they have been wanting to move forward.

We've been wanting to move forward, too. None of us have been quite sure what that was going to look like.

Several weeks ago they called us and told us that they would like to have some people come tour the house. These folks were from an agency that provides housing for homeless families in our county. We were assured that we weren't being evicted or anything ... the church council was just continuing to consider various options for the future.

Handsome Hippie Hubby and I talked about it. We knew we really weren't in a financial position to call a realtor and buy a house in the traditional way.  "When it is time, when it is ours, it will come to us in a perfect way," He reminded me.

Our prayers, together and individually, went something like this, "God, you know the desires of our hearts. Please lead us to exactly the right home. We don't want to get in over our heads, so please let this work out in a perfect way that turns out to be a blessing to everyone involved."

Stubborn mule that I am I started searching the classifieds and trolling the streets for, "For Sale By Owner" signs.  Of course, nothing came of any of that except some wasted gas.

The day after the inspectors came through our house I was working in the church kitchen with two other ladies. As we chopped fruit for an event we were hosting the next day we talked about this and that and the subject of houses came up. I told them that we felt it was getting close to time for us to move but we had no idea where to go.  "So, if you know of a house in the country, in our price range, that we can buy with our current resources just let me know," I said, mostly joking.

"My daughter is selling the house you're describing," the one woman said. "In fact, I mentioned to my husband just last night that we should tell you folks about it because I know you've been wanting to move out of the village limits. She's been renting it to a friend, but the friend moved out and she wants to sell it now."

I smiled. That was nice. I'm sure it was a lovely home that we would never be able to get financing for.

Turns out God works His wonders in various ways and we'll be closing on the sale any day now.  The daughter is out from under the vacant house she no longer wanted to deal with. The church is free to move forward with their plans and their ministry to the homeless. We have our little farm on terms we can afford.

Blessings upon blessings!

I can't wait to share with you all of our adventures as we move forward into this new chapter of our lives!

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

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