We All Want to Raise Strong, Brave Girls

We All Want to Raise Strong, Brave Girls

Did she cheat and lie and steal? One could say that, yes. But she also took charge, delivered positive change and utilized her strengths to empower not only herself, but everyone around her. FASHION was her superpower. (Hell yeah, it was.)

I regularly think, “What would Sue Ellen do?”

Sue Ellen would do FASHION.



For some kids it’s sports or music or making short films or building cities. For others it’s cooking, crafting, yoga, performing on a stage… for me it was writing and for Fable (age 5) it’s drawing picture books and drawing outfits, which she does when she’s happy and sad and angry and excited and all of the above.

When it comes to her clothing, she makes the rules. When it comes to her picture books, she makes the rules. When it comes to her rainbow dinosaur family, she makes the rules. (And then tapes them to the kitchen wall.)

That said, some kids don’t have a THING that consumes them and empowers them and makes them feel strong outside of their every day lives and some of us do not have the time and resources to introduce our kids to everything that exists in order to help them find their bliss. However, now more than EVER before, there are ways to introduce, learn, fund and harbor interests and passions outside of school. Our public school offers after school programs and scholarships for kids interested in pursuing music, sports, theatre, science and so on… Also, YouTube is AMAZING for all things everything when it comes to lessons and learning. Here are a few resources:

In the meantime, creating a “creative” table (or an area in the house devoted to making things, music, pictures, writing down ideas) is awesome to get kids excited about self-expression. We have an art table in our house that is a total mess but is always open for business for those who want to draw or glue things or tape… or draw on top of glue that has been taped.

Because even if a child hasn’t found her MUSCLE, knowing that she is supported as she searches for it is, I think, paramount.

And that’s kind of where I am right now with my kids—trying to introduce them to everything that may or may not set them on fire and give them a purpose that absolutely NO ONE and NOTHING can take away—something that will be with them when they feel like no one else is. A place to put their voice, energy, ideas… build, create, let go… BE BRAVE. So that when they close their eyes and picture “strong” they will see THEMSELVES paired with what it is that makes them feel that way—the pen, the paintbrush, the soccer team, the guitar, the camera, the ocean…

Because STRONG means something different to every one of us.

What about you? How do you empower your daughters and sons? What empowered you as child, teenager and now as an adult? What didn’t? I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you guys on this. (As always, please also feel free to share topic ideas for next week.) Can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts on this!

With love to everyone,


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