Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!

It's one of our favorite days of the year here at BlogHer: Today, we officially open submissions and voting for the 2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year, to be honored at the BlogHer annual conference this July! This year, it's our seventh annual VOTY ("voh-tee," as we like to call it), and part of our historical TENTH ANNIVERSARY Celebration, BlogHer '14!

Nominations for Voices and Photos of the Year at BlogHer '14 Are OPEN!

That's a lot to be excited about. But the best part is how YOU get excited and help us find the hundreds of memorable, heart-stopping, brilliant, hilarious posts of the past 12 months that deserve to be heard, seen and read.

Each year, we recognize up to 100 bloggers as official BlogHer Voices of the Year. Twelve Voices of the Year will be selected to read their work onstage during the Community Keynote session that closes out the day on Friday, July 25.

NOTHING beats getting on stage and reading a terrific piece of work you wrote out loud -- in front of a supportive community that witnesses you and cries with you and cheers you on. This is how our community celebrates each other. And having the bravery and aplomb to stand up and read your work with pride? Well, that’s the best celebration of all.

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!

This year, we are searching for your favorite posts in the following categories:

Op-Ed: Explain It. Bloggers are the voices who surface fresh perspectives, who defend little-known causes, or who put some person or idea in its place. Make us think. Make us question what we believe we know. Make us feel the power of your voice!

Humor: Laugh At It. We all know the power of love -- or even the power of a great haircut. But there is no better force in the world than the power to make people laugh. And we are so grateful so many of you excel at this most excellent craft. So, c'mon, bring it!

Heart: Feel It. Nothing creates that feeling of connection more than a post that touches you ::right here:: because you let us in. Invite us into your heart and let us sit with your feelings for a while. We'll pull up a chair for whatever you share with us.

Exploration: Live It. There's a whole wide world out there that informs and inspires your work. Take us to it: A piece of history explored; a new place visited; a smell, taste, sight, or sound that takes you back; a person or thing put in its rightful place. Define what inspires you.

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!


This year, we are super excited to kick off Photo of the Year, a new event we created to showcase and celebrate the pretty commonplace photographs our community creates and shares every day.

With the literal explosion of photography on the web -- how we take pictures, how we display them, how we share them -- it seemed high time for BlogHer to recognize this very powerful way of telling a story. It doesn't matter whether you take your photos with your iPhone or a DSLR. It's the power and the content of the photo that we're looking to recognize. Photos must be posted publicly to social media -- a blog or somewhere else with a URL we can access.

Here are the categories:

Street Life/Slice of Life: A photojournalistic photograph, camera as observer.

Faces, Friends, Family: Portraits or candid photography.

Food, Craft, Things I Made: Think Pinterest, but with your own special way of seeing (and making) things.

Nature, Big and Small: From the BIG (a breathtaking landscape) to the SMALL (brilliant microphotography), nature is always begging to be captured.

And, of course, the Selfie: The Selfie is not only the OED's word of the year -- it's also near and dear to us as a mode of expression, especially with community member Veronica Arreola's #365feministselfie project. For the purposes of PhOTY, a selfie is a picture that's self-defining, whether you are in it or not.

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!


DEADLINE: Submissions open today and close on February 28, 2014. Voting for the People's Choice honoree also closes on February 28, so the earlier you submit your posts, the longer you have to share your favorites.

ELIGIBILITY: Any post (or photo for PhOTY) published between January 2013 – present is eligible for Voices of the Year and Photo of the Year. You need not be a BlogHer '14 attendee to be a Voice of the Year or a Photo of the Year honoree, however, you must be registered as a BlogHer '14 attendee by April 1 to be considered for one of the 12 Community Keynote slots. Those who have previously read as part of the Community Keynote are eligible to be a Voice of the Year honoree, but reading in the Community Keynote is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

SUBMITTING: You are welcome, in fact encouraged, to submit your own work, as well as your favorite posts by other bloggers. You can submit as many different posts as you like. And hey, a quick tip for you to read and share from mountaintops: VOTY is not judged by the number of times a single post is nominated, so there's no need to have everyone you've ever met send in your post! But you're also welcome to invite your entire community to thumbs-up a single submission -- that's how the People's Choice is awarded.

Who chooses Voices of the Year? Who chooses the Photos and Voices of the Year? One honoree per category will be a People's Choice, and the rest are selected by a committee of past readers and the BlogHer team. Check out the list below for the full VOTY/PhOTY Committee!

For the answer to more, more, MORE VOTY/PhOTY questions, check out our shiny new VOTY/PhOTY FAQ, right here.

So, c'mon, get cracking! Submissions and votes are open now through February 28. ALL 100 Voices of the Year and 10 Photo of the Year honorees will be celebrated on stage during the Community Keynote on Friday of the conference and throughout the reception that immediately follows, so we encourage you to start submitting your best-loved posts and pictures from the past year here!

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!


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