VIDEO: My Morning Beauty Routine

VIDEO: My Morning Beauty Routine

So last week I did another video with the fabulous celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg. We did a mini tour of my morning beauty routine and even got a chance to talk about my new book! Finding the right routine that makes you feel beautiful everyday is so important to your self-confidence, so I shared a few of my beauty rituals and favorite products. It was so much fun!!

Check out the video below…

A few takeaways from this video:

1. Wake up early… sleeping too much can be a bad thing!

2. Beyoncé (or your favorite motivational music) is a great way to start your day :)

Wake up with Beyoncé

3. I think I have a coconut addiction. Coconut oil is essential for smooth skin. I lather my body in it every morning! I also love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

4. Some of my makeup favorites include:




What does your daily beauty routine look like? Share your rituals in the comments!



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