Valiant effort from the Vampire Academy fans

Valiant effort from the Vampire Academy fans

Vampire Academy Frostbite

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Going into the second week of the possibility of a Vampire Academy sequel being made, fans decided to valiantly try out trending #FrostbiteFor2015 on July 6th. It was an undertaking that many fandoms have taken and while it seems like something that would be easy to do, it becomes difficult when a very important sporting event (Wimbledon Men's finals) are taking place. You are not only dealing with the thousands upon thousands of already possible trending topics but you are now dealing with thousands of worldwide fans talking about the highly watched tennis match. It may not seem as big of a deal but when faced with all of that, it is difficult to get something to trend in the Twitterverse. 

Thankfully the fans did not let, not trending, get to them and they continued to push the hashtag #FrostbiteFor2015 over and over again. I would venture that the message was probably sent well over a thousand times and it is clear that there is a market out there for this film. From the sheer devotion that the fans showed, I can only hope that the studio stops and looks at how dedicated this group of people are. When faced with the popularity of current sporting events, they still put the message out there and had their voices heard. The producers over at have yet to respond to the recent out-pouring of love and dedication but I imagine that they have seen everything.

So to the fans out there, as long as there is a possibility of a sequel being made, I will continue to make posts about the possible progress being made to make this sequel. I am a fan of the books as well as the first film and I can only hope that a second will be made. I will continue to write articles and get the word out there about how great this series is and how it deserves a second chance by a studio that will actually give it the respect that it deserves and not give up/run away at the smallest slight of defeat. If the Vampire Academy fans don't give up, then a studio shouldn't either. I wish the whole Vampire Academy Family luck in the coming weeks and I can only stress that it is important to vote in the Teen Choice Awards for Zoey Deutch and Vampire Academy (and yes I realize that if you aren't under the age of 18 you can't vote...well then lie about your age to vote if you need to). Good luck everyone and know that your voices were heard and your devotion is felt! Here's a possible sequel for 2015!

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