Elizabeth White

48, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.I write about My Life, Such as it is... ...   see full bio

Elizabeth White

48, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.

I write about My Life, Such as it is...including family, Cub Scouts, and whatever else I can think of.

I have a son who is 11 years old and in 5th grade. I am Cubmaster of Charlie's pack. I'm an avid reader,  love to travel, and I'm sorta crafty. We have 2 dogs, Ruby and Max, and 1 cat, Tom. They are an interesting trio, providing lots of entertainment and blog fodder.

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Meet Oreo and Coco

Meet Oreo and Coco. They are sisters and approximately 1 year old. We got them from Rosenberg Animal Shelter where we got Max ....more

I baked bread

I was craving fresh out of the oven bread. I made my mom’s bread recipe over the weekend....more

Mourning the loss of TomCat

TomCat has been missing for over...more

Hot Glue Gun drip protectors

This is not my idea but I totally LOVE it!! I had never seen it used before. Over Christmas we had a Pinterest party at my niece’s house ....more

Nevermind, I found some

I, like most people, am not fond of doing laundry. I manage to keep up with it for the most part. Charlie, however, has not yet grasped the concept of letting me know when he is running out of clean.. ....more

Ruby-proofing the Pantry

Ruby is a Beagle. Like all beagles she is a food hound. Literally ....more

Pool Noodle Trampoline Safety

I saw this on Pinterest ages ago. There have been some near misses with pinched fingers lately. There is 1 pole I have not been able to remove and there is a real fear of some kid losing an eye or.. ....more

Corvette Car Show

Saturday Charlie’s Pack performed the opening Flag Ceremony at the local Corvette Club’s show. The boys did an outstanding job and I am very proud of them....more

Thumbs are underappreciated

Thumbs get the raw end of the deal. I mean they get hammered, chewed on, sucked on, and all sorts of abuse. You just do not realize how much you use your thumbs until one is hurt ....more

Pinewood Derby Trophies DIY

This was the first year that Charlie’s Cub Scout Pack held it’s own Pinewood Derby in over 6 years. Being a small pack we don’t have a lot of money to spend on things like trophies.... [[ This is a content summary only ....more