Elizabeth White

46, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.I write about My Life, Such as it is... ...   see full bio

Elizabeth White

46, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.

I write about My Life, Such as it is...including family, Cub Scouts, and whatever else I can think of.

I have a son who is almost 10 years old and in 4th grade. I am Cubmaster of Charlie's pack. I'm an avid reader,  love to travel, and I'm sorta crafty. We have 2 dogs, Ruby and Max. They are an interesting pair, providing lots of entertainment and blog fodder.

I just started graduate school online at the University of Florida. I am working towards my Masters in Mass Communication in Social Media. As part of my Digital Research class I am required to have a blog. You can read my class assignments over at Grad School: MAMC.

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Wordless Wednesday – Sunflower

This is actually a ham radio antenna disguised as yard art. How cool is that? The company is looking at making a pink flamingo one as well as a Segura cactus ....more

Fever Blister Treatments

I rarely get fever blisters but when I do, they get big and ugly really fast. Like blisters forming...more

Charlie’s Joke

Charlie told this joke to Robert’s side of the family yesterday. It is from a YouTube video of NASCAR parodies titled “Everyone Dies?”....more

Cool Dude – Throwback Thursday

This is one of my favorite photos of Charlie as a baby. He’s about 3 1/2 months old in this picture. My sister and I went to San Antonio for the annual Battle of the Flowers parade...more

Max goes to School

Max starts school today. Max is an awesome dog but he is...more

Grand Canyon – Wordless Wednesday

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...more

I’m featured on BlogHer DIY Crafts today!

Woohoo! I’m featured on BlogHer today in the DIY section under Crafts....more

Fashion Yourself Some Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

I first saw these awesome dyed eggs in a friend’s blog....more
They look fantastic, Elizabeth. I too have been seeing them and wanting to give it a go. Thanks ...more

Top 10 Big Rig Colors

Charlie was bored with reading, movies, and everything else he brought with him on the road trip to the Grand Canyon....more

Throwback Thursday – Life Sized Paper Dolls

I found this while going through Mom’s cedar chest last year. Does anyone else remember making these? I remember making these in school and Sunday School or maybe VBS ....more