Adela Crandell Durkee

I come from a family of storytellers. Being a little more introverted, I put pen to paper. First ...   see full bio

Adela Crandell Durkee

I come from a family of storytellers. Being a little more introverted, I put pen to paper. First published at the age of six, I have a few small pieces published and yearn for more. I live in Illinois with my husband George. Within driving distance are my four children and bonus sons and daughters through marriages. I have my eleven grandchildren, one on the way, and three cats to keep me hopping after a full days work at the office. Add my vegetable and water garden in the backyard, and you could say, "I have it all!"

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Flexibility as Part of Holiday Tradition

 I like reading "Dear Abby," the same way I like reading the Horoscope or guessing how old the celebrities are on their birthday (I give myself ±2 years for a "correct" guess. Did you know Gloria Steinem is close to Mom's age than mine?)No, Abby, No. Oh Abby, you got this one so wrong....more

The Future of Education is in the Hands of Teachers Like This

This week I sat down with Seth Brady, one of the 12 Illinois Teacher of the Year finalists.  Disclaimer:  Yes, Seth is my son, the same son ...more

You Can Teach Yourself Anything with YouTube

A month ago, my son told me that he learned how to fix his built-in oven by watching a YouTube video.  I knew WordPress had great tutorial videos, and I embed YouTube videos in loads of my posts, but I never thought of using it for fixing cars, or ovens, or window shades.  Well, I do have  broken window shade.  So hey, why not? ...more
@Kpvega My grandkids showed me "old people dance gangnam style."  Beware of the "old people ...more

39 Years after Roe v Wade: Revisiting the Supreme Court Decision

Every year, on the anniversary of Roe v Wade, I set out to share my opinion.  Every year I chicken out.  I know my opinion is sure to anger both my pro-life and my pro-choice friends, many of whom see things through a black-and-white, all-or-nothing lens.  As in so many things in life’s journey, this issue a complex one. ...more

Realizing That Moms Are "Real"

Erm...WOW! this post is amazing :) I love the way you've captured how a young girl things about ...more

Looking for Other Little Girls' Stories

After one year of blogging, I invite others who were once a little girl to tell their stories.  Here's all you have to do:  E-mail me a story about something from your childhood; something that had a lesson learned, either in the moment or through the lens of time and reflection. Darn it all, there are rules to everything: 1.   1,000 words or less. 3.  Keep it light.  No severe childhood traumas like child abuse, murder, or molestation. 4.  No lying.  It's not nice to lie....more

Everyone is Beautiful. So Difficult to Acknowledge.

Here I am with one day one Canaan. Canaan makes an even dozen grandchildren. Now that's beautiful. (I'm happy with the way I look, too.) ...more
 @TheBlackTortoise LOL!  If only my rear-end slimmed down, I'd be thrilled.   :)more

The Winter of the Beans: What It Felt Like to Be Needy

"We are needy," Mom said, and she walked into the kitchen and started taking everything out of that pretty basket and putting the stuff into the cupboards or the refrigerator, as if she just got home from grocery shopping. Mom looked the same way Dad did in the soybean field, except she had that look on her face like she was deciphering a puzzle, with all her thoughts deep inside her brain where she couldn't hear anyone else's voice, instead of like she was searching for something far away, like Dad did when he was in that field. ...more
Sometimes in life we do need help.  There are circumstances they nobody can stop from happening, ...more

I Smell Spring

When I was a little girl I loved the smell of dirt.  I still do.  Mom said when I was a toddler, I liked to eat dirt, too; she couldn't keep me out of it.  Sometimes in the early spring, when the farmers are plowing the fields, I still think the earth smells like it would taste good, maybe it's the minerals in the soil.  I love the different textures and smells the earth has to offer....more

Women Find a Friend in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Urge Improved Screening...more