Kenyata Y.

 Whats Up Beautiful People!! :) My Name is Kenyata, I love to motivate, inspire, and talk ...   see full bio

Kenyata Y.


Whats Up Beautiful People!! :) My Name is Kenyata, I love to motivate, inspire, and talk about real life issues. Some of my other interest include food, fashion, and poetry. I strongly believe that through being the best person I can be, and doing my part, sharing my gifts, and spreading love, that I can help inspire and motivate other people to be the best version of themselves that they can be, making this world a better place. Dream BIG, Love HARD, & Live On PURPOSE! :)

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Summertime Inspirations| Orange and Gold Daytime Smokey Eye

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How to Move in the Direction of Your Dreams (Dream BIG!)

One of the most precious things in this life that you can give is your time, because once its gone you will never get it back! When you turn thirty five years old, you can not go back to being twenty five again.Think about the age that you are now… now think about something that you wanted to do, but did not. Maybe you had to put your dream on hold for some personal reason, or life simply got the best of you and somewhere along the way you lost site of your dream. In life everyone goes through their own ups and downs, its just apart of life....more

Toxic Relationships and Why You Should Leave

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