Cathy Roberts

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Went to college at Purdue and got a BS in mechanical engineering ...   see full bio

Cathy Roberts

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Went to college at Purdue and got a BS in mechanical engineering. Went to Cornell for graduate school and got a MS in mechanical engineering. Then ended up in the San Francisco bay area in California doing software engineering for the past 20 years or so. I have worked on conceptual aircraft design software, radar warning receiver software, and now satellite flight software.

I love to day hike and am off most weekends hiking in one of the many many parks in the San Francisco bay area. I successfully hiked to the top of Mt Whitney and back in one day on August 30, 2011.

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Double Dose of Hiking

I did a double dose of hiking this weekend: Windy Hill on Saturday and Garin/Dry Creek park on Sunday.  Both hikes were about 8 miles long with blue skies, sun, and temperatures in the low 70Fs just about perfect hiking weather. ...more
Dipper Ranch Oops I never saw this till now after the conference.  I go to Windy Hill every so ...more

The Bad Luck Detective's Challenge

Bad Luck Detective laid out the following challenge:“I came across a blogging tip saying you should add interesting facts about yourself to your blog’s “about me” page. It suggested ten things most people don’t know about you. This is my challenge…Add a list to your blog and then leave it in my comments or write your own BlogHer post and let me know so I can discover your secrets. Detectives are snoopy people.”So here is my list!...more
@maggiesmile shudder .... no I don't think I would find it fun at all.  I have never had a ...more

A Henry Coe Geocaching Adventure

I had a fabulous long day of geocaching and hiking at Henry Coe State park in the Hunting Hollow area yesterday, April 28, 2012, with my good friend, Sharon, otherwise know as Bykenut in the geocaching world. I'm Hykenut. So we're a nutty team!...more
 @KimHumes So true.  One of my favorite parts of geocaching is how it introduces you to new places.more

A Memory per Decade

OK just for grins I'm going to write about the first memory that pops in my head for each decade since I was born.  ...more
I think it is really a cool idea! It is amazing all that we can dig up from our "memory files," ...more

Henry Coe Vasquez Peak Hike Report

Yesterday I went on a 13 mile hike almost to Vasquez Peak at Henry Coe State park with the gay and lesbian Sierrans. After three weeks of resting my right ankle which I sprained on Sept 4, I felt ready for a long challenging hike. I discovered two things: resting for three weeks and not exercising much at all erases some of the conditioning I built up with all that training for the Whitney hike in the summer and my ankle was not as healed as I thought....more

Conquering Mt. a Day

Bob, my brother, and I made it to the top of Mt Whitney at 1:15 p.m. August 30, 2011.  We got up at 2:00 a.m. and were on the trail at 2:30 a.m.  We hiked for around 3 and 1/2 hours in the dark.  It was a bit surreal to be hiking with just the light of our headlamps showing the trail.  It was just a lot of uphill hiking without the benefit of wonderful views.  We did hear lots of water and had to cross several streams on logs and by rock hopping.  It was nice when the sun finally rose and we could put away the headlamps....more
Great trip report - I do alpine starts before dawn all of the time in winter in New Hmapshire to ...more

Not Normal

I have been dwelling on normal lately. I keep thinking of all the ways I’m not “normal”. Here is a list of the not normal things about me as a 50 year old woman that pop in my head:...more
I think the only one I can't get behind on your list is watching golf on tv ;) I think everyone ...more

Peters Creek Hike

Saturday I led a hike for GLS to Peter's Creek redwood grove at Portola State Park. The day started in typical bay area fashion with there being no parking at the park-n-ride lot. It was full at 9:00 a.m. I parked on the side of the road just outside the lot and after about 5 minutes someone left the lot and I ran like a bat outta hell to my car and managed to get that valuable parking place. By 9:15 the other hikers showed, just three of them. One had to leave their car along the side of the road....more
I love a good long day hike! But could live without the sore feet! I have been a little better ...more

I'm an Asexual Lesbian

I identify as an asexual lesbian. It took me around 47 years to figure that out. ...more
I'm glad to have found this blog!more