Susan Graham

I'm a mother, wife, sister and more. I was a daughter, but after losing both of my parents within ...   see full bio

Susan Graham

I'm a mother, wife, sister and more. I was a daughter, but after losing both of my parents within two years, I am now an orphan. 

Life is changing. I'm not quite prepared. Time is not static; my children not dependent forever.  I will always hold the title of mom, but parent for such a short while.  I love my children with everything I have. In many ways, they are me. So much so, at times I've forgotten who I am --the me behind the mom.   

I love to write (but not journal), read (but only the good stuff), I love my family (but enjoy peace), I left the workforce to be a caretaker (but I'm not needed so much anymore.) So it's time to find out all about me...the real me...and what my place is in this world.  

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How To Get Out of Dinner

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Want to be healthier? Cry.

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